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2002 Chrysler 300M Special
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8.5 years later, lots of changes. Too many to note I suppose. I'm sure I'm missing a lot.

Bigger points...
  • I've built a few sets of quad headlights over the past 7 years. Originally 2 pairs of bi-function HID, then a bi-function HID and bi-LED. Now bi-LED and dedicated LED HB. Driving the car at night through Ohio on the way to Charleston, SC last October, I was able to almost literally turn night into day on 75. I may yet do one more set with the same projectors, but I need to see about retrofitting them to my Special lamps to get that OEM look. We'll see over the next few months. Each projector is modified with Diode Dynamics RGB Demon Eyes along with matching strips in the grilles controlled by a bluetooth controller, and master switch bank that I built under the steering wheel
  • Rear bench seat is now a set of bucket seats via brackets I built. Next up is fabricating a console from a spare light taupe console that I have. I had to restore one of the cushions and filled in the large holes left by the seat trim that I had to remove. I transported a pair of 300M Club members back there in Myrtle Beach in October and they said it all felt so nice being in the buckets
  • Tablet worked well for a while, but it had its issues. Now using a Kenwood system with Android Auto and looking at switching that unit (refurb from 2016) out with a modern wireless unit and cameras. I have a DSP installed now for full audio customization
  • Engine bay has had some work done. BT caps in various places done in Jazz Blue. I also sanded down my original plenum and painted it DSB with 2K clear, and painted the central ribs in patriotic colors
  • May 2021 I had a minor restoration done. Every panel had some kind of defect, be it small chips or small dings. Even on the roof, there were chips. So I had the whole car repainted and dents fixed. Kept the original DSB color, and had the ground effects done in Chrysler Storm Gray Metallic, which had appeared on the Journey.
  • Last year I had the windows retinted. The body shop managed to scratch the tint on every side window, so they cut me a check to have it redone. My local tinter used a carbon tint, which I'm not especially in love with since it doesn't like direct sunlight, but it's fine for now
  • Dropped off a wood steering wheel, my original Special interior trim (the faux CF) and chrome shifter inlay at a local waterprinter. Had all of it spraypainted black, and a much better looking water transfer pattern put on all of it. Gives the car a subtle sporty feel inside, with the print pattern looking very realistic. Also restored the leather on the wheel with fresh dye.

Not to mention plenty of maintenance.
  • Trans rebuilt May 2015
  • Both axle assy's replaced with refurbished Special units (confirmed shaft diameter is correct)
  • Timing belt, twice
  • New O2 sensor after the trans shop messed it up
  • New Mopar trans cooler lines
  • Every A/C system component, except the compressor, replaced (piece of advice, if you add mods that run wires through the dash, set them up to be easily removable!)
  • Sway bar links, bushings, Mopar inner tie rod bushings, TRW outer tie rods
  • Now rolling on 245/40/20 Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires

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