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Second time I got the GT to Lebanon Valley Dragway and I reached my goal for the season. Said at the beginning of the year that my goal was to get fast enough to require a helmet (13.99 or faster)

Last time I was there I hit 14.2 (all stereo gear in car including subwoofer box, over half tank of 87 octane, hot humid night, etc)

Was considering taking out my back seat, spare, stereo, etc but said screw it, see what it can do "as is" My first run tonight was 14.229 @ 98.71. Happy with it since I ran the same as last time.

Second pass of the night (and last pass due to crowd and a few fluid spills on the track) 10:04 PM, 66.2 degrees (in other words, perfect racing condition) 13.985 @ 99.16! Not bad considering I ran all tires at full PSI and had a little over 1/2 tank of gas

So now that I have met the track goal for myself I guess my next step is to get the trap speed over 100MPH
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