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Well considering the 3.5 doesnt have a distribtor thats can be a hard one to replace the cap on :)

The Coil packs are sealed, and from what i can tell not a maintance item.

Plugs and wires shuold have been changed a while ago, plugs are very easy to do as everything is right on top. Wires arent too bad either but I found it eaiser to get to the coil pack from under the car.

Both belts are very easy to change too, just loosen the bolts for both tensioners, and again the lower is a lot eaiser to get to from underneath.

Ive never actually looked at replacing the radator hoses before, as im kind of a "Wait until they leak" type of guy :)But yes, it would require draining the coolant out..

There are quite a few DIY fuel injector kits out there, I used one (I can't remember the brand) that you actually discconnected the fuel line, hooked the can up and ran the engine of the can until it emptied it.. Made a big difference with the hesitation the car beforehand..
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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