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Maserati has been on a roll as of late, and the Italian automaker doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Sales are way up thanks to the company’s new GranTurismo coupe and Quattroporte sedan, and an upcoming convertible model will likely further bolster sales. But Maserati has no intentions of resting on its laurels.

According to Automotive News, Maserati is also contemplating smaller sedan and coupe models. However, that decision will rest more on Alfa Romeo than Maserati.

Alfa Romeo – Maserati’s corporate sibling under the Fiat umbrella – is considering adopting a rear-wheel drive platform from another automaker to underpin a future model. If Alfa goes ahead with its rear-wheel drive plans, Maserati would likely borrow Alfa’s RWD platform to underpin a model – or two — of its own.

Per an Automotive News report, the new platform would likely underpin smaller coupe and sedan models, giving Maserati two new ‘entry-level’ models to slot below the GT and Quattroporte. No word on what powertrains would be offered in the new models, but don’t expect to see the baby Masers until at least 2011.

Automotive News is also reporting that the rumored Maserati Kuban GT sports wagon is now off the table, which should be good news to the Maserati faithful.

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