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Mazda Miata smoked and BMW dirty wash job.

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Ran and a return to North town mall. Was leaving at the stop light was a dark green Miata Fart pipe out the back. Behind him was a Siliver BMW 3 Series. The light turns green and the Fart pipe Farts away full bore. I let hime get a car lenght and i hit it. The right tire lights up for about 25 feet land i blow right by him. I get ahead and get into the right lane. Here comes the BMW He gets right behind me as we turn on to a 4 lane side road by K mart. I get into the Left lane him in the right. I slow down to let him come even and he wants to play and floors it. We come into a hard right corner he brakes and i step on it and blow right by him. He`s pissed the Dodge out cornered him I slow down again and he passes me and cuts me off No turning light the prick. Up ahead i see a really big water pound in the right lane he has a slow car ahead in the left. You guess it i get in the right lane and floor it hit the Small lake at 45 to 50 and cover his nice and clean new BMW with dirty water. I mean i covered it good he had to but the wipers on. After that he stayed way back. If he was`nt such a prick about being out cornered and cutting me off i would not have nailed him it was a nice looking BMW. To bad such a old fart was driving it.
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Well he hit the brakes and i the gas. And after the corner i slowed down to let him catch up. A BMW may out handle the R/T`s but he did not drive like it. Both lanes were dry and no other cars inthe way. Some people just dont know how to drive. I Do, My Father said when i drove my 2000 Club cab Dakota SLT . You are the only person i know that drives a truck like a sports car. Plus the training i got in Germany while being a Duty driver from the US Secret Service helps a lot.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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