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My son and I attended a detailing class from Meguiar's and I can't tell you how good an experience it was. It was excellent and much more than anyone could ask for. We learned tons of stuff and it helped rid us of our fears and made the techniques look easy !

We're no longer afraid of buffers !

Mike Phillips was the Meguiar's guy and he is a great instructor and public relations representative. What a great guy !

The hands-on training was also great.

His knowledge of paint, your product line, it's usage and application techniques were exceptional. His people skills too are also amazing. I know I asked a ton of questions and took a bunch of notes that will help both my son and myself for years to come.

If anybody gets a chance to go it's well worth your time.

Thanks to Mike Phillips and Meguiar's and The Shine Shop (in Reisterstown Maryland) for a great show. They also fed us and gave us a care package.

Everyone who wanted hands-on experience got it. That was using clay bars,
dual action bufers, rotary buffers and orbital buffers. The Shine Shop also had a hood on a work bench to allow any of us to burn the paint off. We also worked on one of the attendees' Murano (black paint with swirls, bird etchings etc.).

They even fed us breakfast and lunch to boot !

An 8 hour class for free, Wow. A great way to spend a day !

Thanks to Mike Phillips and Meguiar's and Mike Lambert and his wife of the Shine Shop !

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W H A T ? ! ? ! ? !
No Pictures ! ! !
Just kidding MoparMan, your maybe the 3rd or 4th person to post that they had a great time at one of those Meguiar's Detailing Class. I cant wait until they have one of those classes here in central Va.

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I wonder if we could persuade them to come to one of our meets... Like the upcoming west coast meet :D

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We had a bunch of people who came up from Virginia. I think right now that Mike Phillips may be the only guy doing them. He lives in the Mojave desert so I know he travels a lot.

It can't hurt though to send Meguiar's emails to try and get them to come to your area. I was told that it took a couple of years to get him to the Baltimore / Pennsylvannia area. He was asked when he would come back and said he had no idea because of the current demand as well as trying to get to as many areas as possible.

I'll try and find the thread from Meguiar's web site / forum so you can see some of our mugs.

Mike Phillips also sells a dvd about buffing / detailing.
His web site is:

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As a lot of you already know the local car club I am in had a regional event here in CT hosted by Jeremy (our regional rep)

They are beyond helpful, explained anything and everything clearly and in detail. Gave tips that save time and most important $$ as well

He showed me how I was wasting product and gave me a lot of pointers on quick detail spray (yes, even something that simple can be improved)

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Maybe what is neede here is a "Group Effort", contact Meguiar's as the 'Dodge Intrepid.Net National-International Car Club' and lets see what they can do for us as a group. Maybe they can set-up classes all over the place, at our meets, free t-shirts, free product samples, you know the whole 9 yards ! ! !

!!Y3H MoparMan: I know there are a hand-full of us here in central Va. and northern Va. as well as MD.. Maybe we can team-up to do something?

!!Y3H IntrepBusIV: Nice butt-shoot of your car! What color is that?

!!Y3H the rest of you guys who attended the Meguiar's detailing classes, do you mean to tell me not one of you guys took one single picture during the classes . . . . . ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? JoeKD, MoparMan ? ! ? !

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There's a guy named Nick Vacco who has a business in Pittsburgh, "Detail King", and he puts on a very similar class in Pittsburgh every couple months or so. I went to it a few years ago when I had the detail shop, and people in attendance came in from all over the country. He has a line of products locally grown which aren't too bad, but not the greatest IMHO. Here's a sample of what his program entails:

Attend The Next Detail King Auto Detailing Educational Seminar

"Marketing Your Auto Detailing Business & Hands-On Training Clinic"*

Presented by: Nick Vacco, President of Detail King, & Jason McBride, Vice President of the country's "Fastest Growing" Auto Detailing Business Opportunity.

When: February 25th-26th - Pittsburgh (Saturday & Sunday) 8:30AM - 4:00PM

Where: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Day one will be at the Hoiliday Inn - Monroeville PA, 2 minutes from PA Turnpike I76. (2nd day at our training center, transportation provided if needed) Laguna Beach Seminar is held both days at the Laguna Brisas Hotel at 1600 Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach

Cost: Only $299 per person for Both Days! Only 30 Registrants will be accepted - register early! Price includes Coffee, Tea, Donuts and a Buffet Lunch with refreshments both days.

Who Should Attend: Future Auto Detailing Business Entrepreneurs and Current Business Owners, Managers and Sales Personnel. This course is for both Mobile & Fixed-Location Operators. If you are in the Auto Detailing Business or are thinking about starting your own business - Part Time or Full Time, You Should Not Miss this Educational Training Event! Car Wash owners and operators are also urged to attend if you are thinking about adding auto detailing or express detailing to your operation.

Current business owners will be able to Re-Establish their business presence with a Proven Marketing Plan and Increase Sales and Profits while being able to "Try-Out" the latest Professional Auto Detailing Equipment, Detailing Procedures, Products, and Supplies. Future Entrepreneurs This Is Your Chance to Get Educated in this Lucrative Business Opportunity and learn from some of the very best in this business. This will prepare you to Start the Right Way and Avoid Costly Mistakes and pave the road to an independent and profitable entrepreneurial future.

Day 1: Marketing Your Auto Detailing Business

You Will:

1) Learn how to Develop an Effective Marketing Plan to Obtain Customers
2) Learn how to Develop a Service Menu and Strategically Price your Services
3) Learn how to "Close" Customers Without Dropping Your Prices
4) Learn how to Up-Sell Customers and Increase Your Gross Profit
5) Learn how to Develop and Harvest Market Niches
6) Discover New Ways of Finding Customers
7) Find out about Estimate Format Pricing
8) Learn effective over the Phone Selling & Closing Skills
9) Learn how to Offer Profitable, Easy To Install Accessories
10) Distinguish Yourself and Command High Profits!

Day 2: Professional Hands-On Auto Detailing Training Clinic

This will be a very unique opportunity to actually see how to professionally and proficiently detail a car. You will actually work "hands-on" with the trainers as they physically perform the correct detailing procedures and methods. You will have the use of the pressure washers, buffers, polishers, extractors, detail supplies and Detail King "Professional Line of Auto Detailing Products."

Exterior Detail Steps including; Engine compartment cleaning and dressing, prep and wash-up procedure, wheel and tire cleaning, tar, bug and road grime removal, door jamb degreasing and polishing, determining the type of vehicle paint, clay application paint correction method, pad and polish selection, buffing & waxing procedures, tires and trim dressing method, brush touch up, glass acid rain removal, final touches and inspection.

We will also show how to Dye Carpets, Repair Paint Chips, Remove Acid Rain From Glass and Remove Odors with Ozone!!!

Interior Detail Steps including; Proper use of vacuum and air gun for air purging interior, headliner cleaning, upholstery and carpet stain removal, hot water extractor procedure, door panel cleaning, leather seat cleaning and preservation methods, dash board and console cleaning and detailing, dressing of all interior components, window, mirror and gauge cleaning methods, final touches, carpet dying, and final touches.

Don't miss this Excellent Opportunity to obtain more knowledge to Increase Your Market Share. Winter is here, get a jump on your competitors and have the winning edge to prosper even more and make 2006 your best year ever!

To register for our 2 Day Marketing Training and Hands-On Training Clinic either Call Us Toll Free: 1 888-314-0847 or Fax the form below with your Credit Card number and expiration date to: 724-325-4506. You can also email us at [email protected].

Holiday Inn phone number for Pittsburgh: 412-372-1022 (Special rate $79.95 per night double room - mention Detail King Seminar - ask for the sales manager at the Holiday Inn)

Airport shuttle service for Pittsburgh: Elite Coach - 724-325-2626, mention Detail King for reduced rate.

Fax Registration Form (print, complete, and fax to 724-325-4506)


Street Address__________________________________

City_______________________ State: ______________

Zip Code_______________ Phone #________________

Fax Number (if available) _________________________

email address __________________________________

Credit Card #__________________________________

Expiration Date: ________________________________

Total attending________ X $299 = $________________

I authorize Detail King to charge my credit card for the amount
indicated above for the 2 day Auto Detailing Seminar to be held in Pittsburgh PA.
Your Signature________________________________________
Dates of seminar you are attending ___________________

Detail King
947 A Old Frankstown Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15239
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