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Mercedes E55 AMG

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I was on the NJ turnpike, my cruise control set at 75, trying to be a good egg, when a black Benz flies up next to me, slows down, looks at the car, then tears off. As he's leaving, I see "AMG" on the right side of his trunk lid. I tried my best to stay where I was, but I couldn't. So I turned of my cruise control and punched it. It wasn't a race, I just wanted to keep up. We were going between 110 and 115 (there was NO ONE ELSE AROUND). It seemed like he wasn't even trying. My question is... What are the specs on these cars?
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I'm not sure what the specs are, but if it said AMG on the side, it's pretty damn quick (and hella expensive too)! :D
Mercedes Benz E55 AMG
5.4L V8 mated to a 5 speed automatic
HP: [email protected]
Tq: [email protected] rpm
Weight: 3768lbs
Price: $72,015
0-60: Right around 6 seconds.
1/4: About 13.5
Top Speed: Electronically limited to 155mph, although you can have the chip reprogrammed to eliminate the govenor. In that case, E55s have gone as fast as 177-180mph. Not too shabby for a car that heavy.

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Wow, that is pretty quick for a big car loaded with all those options. I don't think I would ever spend that much on one though.
Sounds like he is an instigator!!

Here is a real question for you and everyone else on the board. Have you ever seen a E class Benz going the speed limit? How about a BMW 5 or 7 series? I swear every one of these cars I see is always trying to go faster than everyone else. Is this some sort of inferiority complex? It seems that it isn't enough they have the $70K car, they have to make sure they put you in your place. If I was rich, and God willing someday I will be, I wouldn't flaunt it. In fact, I'd still send my butler to Wal-Mart to do my shopping (butler or myself)!!!

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I don't think he was instigating anything. Most people don't know what kind of car I have. At the speed he was going, he probably saw what he thought was a car with no taillights, then paused for a better look. He never looked at me, only the car. Sometimes I wish I could drive in a mirrored box. ;)
Yea, I noticed that too, especially the guys in the E39 5-Series. However, I look at it as the guys worked their butt off to earn it, well, usually, anyways, and now they want to make them selves feel good and I am all for it. Tryed to keep up with a 540 manual on the freeway in low to medium traffic, and every time he got open road in front, he would downshift and fly away, but eventually he get caught up in traffic and I would be right behind him, EVENTUALLY.......
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