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Posted this question on LHf, but I'll ask here as well.

Both cars need service, and since I don't have a garage (or even a private driveway) to perform them I need to go to a shop. Does anyone have any recommendations in the Macomb County, Oakland County areas? I'd even consider going east toward St. Clair or west toward Canton/Ann Arbor... I live in Sterling Heights and work in Southfield M-F. If they're open on a Saturday, I can go further.

Service needed:

Charger - Front rotor/pad installation, outer tie rod installation (parts already obtained and weighing down the trunk)

300M - Trans fluid/filter replacement (pan drop preferred), front sway bar bushing replacement

Both need brake fluid flushes. I might just go to Auto Pros in Troy for most of the work, since you have to be stupid to screw it up, but I want to go somewhere especially trustworthy for the 300s transaxle. Worst case is I'll go to Southfield Dodge across the street from my office for that one, since the service writer said they'll drop the pan and I know they'll use ATF+4. Last thing I need is to give specific instructions to drop the pan and find out later all they did was power flush it with generic fluid and royally screw me.

Funny enough I went to Sterling Heights Dodge for an oil change and tire rotation, and also requested a brake fluid flush. Service writer said that that service *never* needs to be done unless contaminents are in the fluid. I told her it was supposed to be done every 2 years/15,000 miles and she was surprised. Don't think I'll be going back...
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