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Minnesota meet, perhaps Mall of America

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Many midwesterners have expressed interest in a Minnesota meet, with the most enthusiasm, gearing towards going to the Mall of America. A group pic on the top floor of the parking ramp would be sweet. We could also go do the Nascar Silicon Motor Speedway. Just some ideas.

Who is interested?

Who can't make it to MOA but could make it to Saint Cloud?
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I'm game.

I've already got pre-approval from the wife. (You married guys know how that goes.) And I would be able to go to either place.

Of course my preference is MOA.
count me in if its at the MOA, not St. Cloud though.
MOA is great for me. only an hour drive.. :p (i know p1|\/|p3d... it is about 3 hours for you.... but I am lazier :) )

Now, the question is, when?
i will go to MOA or St. Cloud
If funds are ok, I *might* be able too.
Lemme get back to ya on this..gotta look at MS's Streets & Trips prog to figure out if it's feasible.
That makes 5 for sure, including me, and a couple of maybes thus far.
it doesnt matter when it is for me as long as i know at least a week ahead of time when its gonna be :)
Name the time and place i will be there. MOA or Saint Cloud is fine with me.
MOA would be a possibility for me depending on when it would be(have to get off school)
If some of you guys need to stay overnight, I *might* be able to get a good deal at a local hotel.

My sister in law works for the Extended Stay America in Brooklyn Center (where I live) and I believe she can get almost 50% discounts on room rentals.

Just an idea for you out of staters.
Forget it. It's even colder where you are than where I am!! Too far a drive, but I would have loved to meet upo wiuth some Treppers.

Capitalcity RT
Ottawa, Canada
Cold, but not as cold as you, YET!!!
Excuse the fingers are a bit cold!

yea, it is finally getting cold around these parts...
Originally posted by Lafrad:
yea, it is finally getting cold around these parts...
yeah same here :rolleyes: so therefor it makes no difference now for me to go a couple hours north, might as well freeze my balls off shooting the **** will some kewl guys than stay in small town Iowa :)
If Sk8 is goin I'll try and go too, would be a fun trip, should make it for like 2 months, then we can save some $$$

Count me in for the Mall of America. The weather is always nice inside. ;) ...and it's one-stop-shopping for food, drink, and entertainment.

Weekends are best for me, too...

Let's do this thing! :D
1 - 20 of 51 Posts
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