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Minnesota meet, perhaps Mall of America

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Many midwesterners have expressed interest in a Minnesota meet, with the most enthusiasm, gearing towards going to the Mall of America. A group pic on the top floor of the parking ramp would be sweet. We could also go do the Nascar Silicon Motor Speedway. Just some ideas.

Who is interested?

Who can't make it to MOA but could make it to Saint Cloud?
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Count me in for the Mall of America. The weather is always nice inside. ;) ...and it's one-stop-shopping for food, drink, and entertainment.

Weekends are best for me, too...

Let's do this thing! :D
My Calendar is clear on the 9th of Feb.
We have a hotel booked (Best Western Edgewater) in Duluth
The Edgewater is great... far north end of town, perfect for cruising up the North Shore. My family and I have practically adopted Split Rock Lighthouse (which is quite stunning in winter - I might add)


When: Saturday February 9, 2002
Time: 12:00 noon
Where: Mall of America, top floor West Parking Ramp. (Between Nordstrom's and Macy's)
But I always park in the East ramp... Oh well, I'll have to adapt. :D
so I don't get lost trying to find it
You can't really miss it. Here's a map (I hope):

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It will be a lot easier for me to meet you all at the Mall.

Some of the nicer lunch spots are quite crowded on weekends, but well worth the wait. Also, Underwater World is another attraction worth seeing. But, we have GOT to do the NASCAR Silicon Motor Speedway! :D

See you guys soon!
LHSer - You da MAN! Good thinking on getting the ramp opened. I'm coming from St. Paul and will meet you guys at the ramp to Level 7 at 10min to 12.
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