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I bought my 2001 Chrysler Concorde back in about August of 2006. She is inferno red pearl and had about 45,000 miles on it when I bought. Now has close to 110,000 miles and still running strong, if not stronger than ever. She started to burn oil so I added Lucus to the oil and it runs amazing and does not use even an ounce of oil. It seems to be a base model, with the 2.7, but had some extras such as an OTIS, Infinity sound system, sunroof and 16 inch wheels. Not sure what came standard or not on these, but I have seem some with steel wheels and hubcaps, no OTIS, no sunroof and low end stereo. It has the front bench seats in it, which I think gives her some character. I did have tint a few times but kept getting pulled over (5% all around). and had underlights but got pulled over for that too. I also had a sub but it kept blowing so I gave up for now. I plan to keep this car for a long time because I love it. If the engine goes (you know the problems with these 2.7s) I will probably upgrade to a 3.2 or 3.5. Some of the current mods...

Debadged and demolded
Aftermarket Eagle Eye headlights
10,000k High and low H.I.D.s
300m Special mirrors with custom paint job (black on bottom fading to car color)
Clear corners
Weather Tech inchannel window vents
Switched rear turn signal and brake bulbs

Under dash neons and trunk neons
Auto headlight switch and sun sensor

Pioneer head unit
Alpine Type R components up front
Infinity Kappa 6x9's in the rear
Alpine 450 watt amp

K&N FIPK intake
Breather filter

Fall Pics 2009

Alpine Type R components

Homemade auto headlight switch

Sunload sensor

Pioneer head unit

300m Special mirrors with custom paint

Clear corners and Eagle aftermarket headlights

Debadged and demolded side

Rear passenger shot

Front passenger shot

Front shot

Shot from rear seat


The 2.7

K%N FIPK intake and breather filter

Front shot 10,000k H.I.D. low beams

Front passenger show 10,000k H.I.D. low beams

Weather Tech inchannel window vents

Passenger street shot

Driver street shot

Rear passenger street shot

Alpine Amp

Current mileage

Random fall setting shot

Future mods?
Rear spoiler
Woodgrain steering wheel
Badge removal on front bumper and front bumper repaint
Convert Sebring coupe grill w/ foglights to fit my car

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Wow. Makes me proud to have the same colored trep. The red looks niiiiiice! Good job on keeping it clean. I really like what you've done so far.

Some chrome wheels would look even better IMO

Did you get the mirrors painted at a shop or DIY? spraycan?...they look great.

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I had the mirrors painted at my parents mechanics. He has some paint that color left. I have been looking for those clear lenses for the mirrors to match the clear corners. I know you can get them at klearz website but it says something about they are still being made or something... are they avaliable for sale or do you guys know anywhere else to find them. I used to see them on ebay but havent in a while. Thanks for the commments

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Nice looking Corde man! Very clean. Hopefully you can do something about the 2.7 sooner or later...haha...Just run synthetic and keep an eye on the water pump! If I ever get wheels for mine, it will be the same ones you have. I think they look the best on these cars.
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