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Mopar Waltz & Olds Defeat Dance

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I was going to my local AutoZone down
Chicago Drive (Main road down here),
and as always I am in the passing lane,
I clocked a Ram Truck behind me, so I went
into the other lane so they can pass... Well I did, and they passed as we met at the light, and it AGAIN was full-o-babes! How lucky this guy is... :) Then I seen the
sticker... R/T, I thought, f*ck I cant beat
that no way.... They where nudging forward
which meant race... Then the light went green... they slammed, and for an instance
I didnt bother... then I slammed, dont ask
me why... God I thraped my poor baby, she was SCREAMING!... I was nose to nose
all the way until 80 then I dropped out...
I reckon these chix let me win, yet they
where killing the **** out of there RT..
I dunno... so I rate that a 50/50 kill cos
I aint sure :)

NEXT! On the way back from Autozone I gets
to the light again, a 78 Olds, big tank
V8 thing, this homey had the rims and all,
but it had so many holes in the damn thing.... Green went, I put my foot down,
and screeched the wheels..(Sorry JuniorTT :) )
and Ripped him out... got to 60 he was 3 car lengths behind.. then I slowed down to 55, he comes beside me, changes down and spurts off.. I thought "Dude, to late, I beat ya white-trash ass!"

So all told, 1 kill and a half :)

Poor car, I gotta go out and see if she is ok now :)

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How is it that most of the time when I drive Chicago drive some idiot cuts me off and almost hits me, but when you drive Chicago drive, you meet chics?!! What's up with that!!!! :D
Originally posted by Si:
Hey Warlord, next time your in/around GR we should hook-up for a few beers... :)
Sounds like a plan. :)
Originally posted by Si:
Gimme a time/date/place buddy :)
As soon as I have them, I'll let ya know. :)

I'm not sure when I'll be getting over to the west siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide next. :)
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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