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Mounting in trunk etc (ottowrkr ??)...

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I was trying to find a good place to mount my amps and my distribution blocks. I was wondering if anyone knows if it's safe to drill holes/screw screws into the pillars in the trunk that come in the furthest. I also wanted to mount the distro blocks under my back seat. So if anyone knows whether its safe or dangerous to drill holes in those spots please post. Thanks.
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I mounted my amps vertically inside the back of the trunk (that thin wall, probably cardboard, that sits behind the back seat)

I have the fold down seats so I don't have that piece =\. I thought about mounting them on the backs of the seats themselves, but if I mounted my amps there I'd have to find a way to secure my subwoofer box so it wouldn't slide into the amps. Car audio is a headache...I shoulda spent all this money on tattoos and an HDTV =].
David-trying to figure out what pillars you are talking about?. How many amps do you want to put in? what about mounting to the underneath of the parcel shelf? this is the area that the trunk light comes from .
yeah! tattoo's! Im gonna be getting more soon myself!

I have a huge dragon on my back, another dragon on my left arm and a panther on my right , all custom jobbers, all freehand.
I want to get a tattoo, I just have no idea what I want???
I have an evil Joker face on my left arm and a Road Runner on my right arm.

Got 'em about 10 years ago...I always forget I even have them until someone says something.
ottowrkr : the pillars found about the middle of the trunk. they come in the furthest into the trunk. i'm mounting two amps, two crossovers, and two distrobution blocks. I'm thinking more and more about mounting them to the back of the seats and finding a way to keep the subwoofer box from moving. You're not supposed to mount amps upside down or horizontal because it prevents the heatsinks from releasing the heat properly.

Thrasher : post some pics of your artwork. or post some links. I'm completely covered from my waist to my neck and down to my wrists (sans my right armpit) and have just started working on my legs. I'll throw up some pics and post a link shortly.

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i'll start a new thread in general discussion with pix of em.
I would mount the amps and crossovers to the top of your subwoofer box, depending on the size of the box, and the size of the amps. I have my amp and a capacitor mounted on the top of my box, and there is plenty of room for another two. This is the best way to mount them as well, because the heat sinks work most effectively with the fins pointing up. Plus, you dont have to worry about the box sliding into them. I wouldnt mount the amps to the backs of the seats...they are pretty good insulators, ESPECIALLY if the box is placed, or slides, really close to them. My friend cooked 2 nice amps after not listening to me, and mounting them both on the backs of the seats. And you are smart not to mount them upside down under the rear deck, because then the heatsinks wont work very well at all.
I mounted my amp directly to the side of myt sub box. My amp(profile 400sx) is good in the way that it shuts off when it gets to warm and cools to self down before turning it's self back on again. But when when my car sits out in the sun all day day the amp gets nice and toasty and that it puts out a lot of power(300 watts rms 600 peak) it shuts off after 5 mins of use so i am in the process of wiring a fan to help cool it off.
I removed the plastic spacer that is between the false floor and the spare tire.

I then cut a piece of MDF to drop right in on top of the spare, with all my amps crossovers, relays and distro blocks mounted there...

I then mounted a fan to the back of the false floor right when the hole was cut for the plastic nut to hold the floor down...

No trunk space lost at all :) and almost (sub box) totaly stealth..
Well against someones advice, I mounted everything on the back of the seats. My subwoofer bow was too large to mount the amp on top of...and the amp was too large to mount it on the side. I got fed up with running wires so it doesn't look pretty but it sounds great. Unfortunately, my dad was borrowing the digital camera at the time so I don't have any install pics. But in the next day or two I should have some finished photos for you guys.
speaking of Tattoos, I'm getting a tattoo of my intrepid on my shoulder!!!!!!!! :D J/K
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