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Looking for ideas on what would you do besides don't do it :)

I have a 10.4" monitor that I have had in the car for years by removing the radio (don't need it) moved the ATC in the center console and hacked up the dash and fiberglass the radio Atc bezel to fit the monitor.

I am thinking of changing the design to move the monitor up quite a bit.
Thinking of moving the 2 center dash vents to where the climate control originally should be and put the ATC where the radio should be.

The monitor will be right where the vents used to be.
I was hoping to make it look more like factory and not a modification but not sure if it is possible. Keeping the carbon fiber look instead of a smooth painted surface like I did before.

My thoughts were to make plastic trim pieces to make the vents and ATC fit the way it should be.
I don't know a way to make clean cuts on the trim pieces that won't need any paint or fiberglassing done to it though. I don't have one but was thinking if a 3d printer could make the trim pieces. I could have someone make them then.

Making the monitor enclosed will be another whole big project. I might just fiberglass a cover for it or use the factory dash vinyl and enclose it with that to make it more factory.

Any thoughts or anyone move the vents and climate control around and have pictures on what it looks like?

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