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Pulled up to the corner down the street, there was a guy on this new super duper model green machine cutting grass. I came to a stop, looked both ways and out of the corner of my vision, there he was next to me just looking at me. As he was looking at me he grinned evilly and popped the clutch on that sucker. With flames thrown out the side of his mower he lurched ahead with front tires standing proudly in the air. He leaned forward in attempt to keep it from flipping. He actually had to stand on the seat and leaned over the front.
As he crossed the intersection burning the tires on his flaming green machine I just sat there is disbelief. Stunned.
Suddenly I realized what was going on and floored it. With rubber burning and tar from the road flying I lit them up. Surging ahead I quickly launched my Intrepid. He was nearly a block ahead when my tires started to grab. As they did I hit two on the auto stick so hard I nearly broke off the shift lever. The mighty 3.5 wound up tightly as I slammed into third. I caught him as third gear took over. He was ridding the wheely still. I could see the blades underneath flying around. As I passed him I swerved to the right and cut him off. He veered hard right and into a hedge.
As I drove away I looked in the rear view mirror I could see leaves, branches and even a cat flying through the air amid a nasty cloud of smoke.
I quickly turned the next corner as I flipped him off.

The. End
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