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MrBigE has been voted the September, 2012 Ride of the Month!!
(Write-up Below)

2001 Dodge Intrepid ES

Purchased NEW in 2001, mostly stock ES. Traded in as the original warranty ran out, then purchased AGAIN in 2009. I guess I'm supposed to own this car. :D
Going to hit 180K miles in the next couple of months. She's a joy to drive, only angers me on occasion, and lives a pampered life in central Ohio despite being my daily driver.

Sig Thread:

Wow! Thanks for the votes! Didn't think I had a shot whatsoever, since I didn't have any recent pictures with the pushbar installed. (shame on me) :lulz:

DI has provided me a wealth of information over the years, and as a result has saved me literally thousands of dollars on maintenance and repairs. Great community we have here. Getting to know everyone at the meets over the years has been a blast! I'm a total Mopar convert now and call me crazy, but I hope a community exists to support the LH platform for years to come.

As some of you know - I bought this car 'new' from the dealer (was actually a demo with about 1200 miles on it) in 2001... traded it back in right after I got to the 36K mark and the original warranty expired. Lo and behold nearly 7 years later I'm looking for a new DD and it crosses my path. I couldn't pass up an opportunity like that. She needed some TLC, but I gave it to her and she's been great to me since.

She's my daily driver, and still needs a few things attended to, but I plan on driving it until the wheels fall off. Heck my 12-y/o daughter asked if she could drive it to school when the time comes... She's a Trep fan too!

Only major project in store for her is the AC evaporator replacement, and while the dash is out, will take care of a few other items - running the wire for the heated mirrors, probably replace the heater core, and tidy up some wiring issues behind the dash.

Again, thanks for the votes! I'm quite humbled by the show of support.

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Congratulations brother! :D

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