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Hey, all. You can check out pictures of my car at this address:

My Intrepid Pictures

Here is some info:

Char-Gold 1994 Dodge Intrepid ES
All Power Options
Rear Spoiler
Side Body Moldings
Gold Alloy Rims
Only 46,000 miles

Current Modifications
K&N High-Flow Air Filter
Custom Cat-Back Dual Exhaust with Two 40 Series Flowmaster Mufflers
GTS Headlight Blackouts
Front and Rear Tinted Windows
“Intrepid ES” Windshield Sticker
Gold “University of Michigan” License Plate
Window Vent Visors
Rear Wheel Mud Flaps (Not Shown)
Pioneer CD Player with 12-Disc Changer
Viper Alarm System
Passport 8500 Radar Detector
Black Steering Wheel Cover
Black Floor Mats
Black Seat Covers

That’s it. Pretty basic stuff.

Where do I send these pictures to get them in the photo gallery?

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It looks really cool :)

Just one thing I had a question on, it looks like your side windows are tinted, but your rear window is not? Is this correct? Just curious why, never seen that before?

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is there any way you can get the car up and take a pcture of the modified exhaust system? i think that looks sweet and i'm sure that it sounds unreal. i'd like to get it done to my 97 sport but none of the custom guys here in town seem to be as anxious about it as i am. also, if you don't mind my asking, how much did the whole exhaust mod run you? that's another deciding factor for me.

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The car came with the windows tinted that way. I've so busy with the other stuff that I haven't had time to get the rear done, although I plan on doing it.

The spoiler came with the car also, so I'm not sure where it came from or how much it cost. I always thought the spoiler was an option on the car, but I NEVER see them with it.

I've been real busy lately, so I haven't had time to put the car up on a lift to take a picture of it. I will try to crawl under it anyway and see if I can get a decent enough shot to help you out. The entire thing cost about $450 dollars, and I am VERY pleased with it.
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