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Time to show off my ride for the last four years.

I got the black spoiler from the auto wrecker. It's, uh, not properly attached. I've been meaning to fix that (it's held on by an epoxy). The single in dual out muffler is a Flowmaster (80 Series? I think?) and sounds beautiful. Used to have a Magnaflow muffler on her, but it just didn't do it justice. Resonator was taken out in the process as well.

Came across the chrome rings on the Concorde and figured, why not? They now rest peacefully on my gauges.

Car bra came with the car. I haven't found a silver ES bumper to replace it with...yet. However, my Brother has said it wouldn't be too much of a hassle for him to paint one. Soooo....stay tuned!

I feel I should explain the flames (Back windows). You see, my Dad enjoys helping people out and he gave me these ridiculous flames (Two large and the two small ones you see here) to put on my car. Since it has a 2.7 and exhaust done, I already get called a "poser" by people who enjoy insulting others a bit much, I tend to stay away from things like this. But out of respect for the guy, without whom most of my vehicles wouldn't be on the road, I slapped 'em on. They're not TOO ostentatious, and I certainly appreciate the sentiment.

And that's all I have uploaded at the moment, although I certainly have plenty more. I'll get around to postin' em as soon as I have the chance.
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