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my a...DENT...MAGNET!!!

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anyone having a similar plight? i look at my car, and if i concentrate hard enough, i can put a dent on the door with my mind...just like that...sonnovabitch...ive got like a hundred little dents on all of my doors,...they came out of nowhere, and im scared....
is it strictly a color thing? (like green intreps get ones dont) anyone as pissed as i am? mine's green/blue, same color as the dude with the dodge charger in this forum. wait! hey 94intrepidES, got dents?
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I get a lot of door dings at work. I also have minor hail damage that I just kept the insurance money when it happened. Is there a non destructive way to get any of these out? They don't really piss me off because I have a base model trep, with 126,000 miles and it is almost paid off. (I'm taken her to the grave!). Oh yeah, mine is the gold color that was always advertised back in 95. You have to look pretty close to see all the dents with this color.
Red ones get dents too. I have a **** load of them on both sides. Primarily because my college get cheap on parking space and made them all TOO NARROW... I was pissed about it but then I figured that it's already all paid off and when I get done with all of my Graduate school **** I will just have it all smoothed out and repainted.

There is a non destructive way to get rid of them but it is long and tedious. You have to completely strip the inside of the doors and use a body shaping block or spoon on the inside with a rubber mallet on the outside.

Well i have a red one and yes i have **** load of dents. There is one way now that i prevent these dents when you wanna go and park. Park in the middle of the line so you are taking 2 parking spaces. That way no one can park to the right of you or to the left.

And also there is this company called Dent wizard
Check out their sites its a paintless dent removal

Dent Wizard
Originally posted by Wutang15m:
There is one way now that i prevent these dents when you wanna go and park. Park in the middle of the line so you are taking 2 parking spaces. That way no one can park to the right of you or to the left.
But doing so, causes some people to go out of their way to put a dent in your car if you do this.
I think that every car (Daily rider) has the dings.. I try and not park to close to people, but I dont park 2 spaces away, like Randy said, your just asking for it! :)
Amazingly I don't have any dings in the sides, except for one small one on the drivers door. The only other dings are on the trunk lid.

When I save up the cash the car is getting painted, so I'll have the dents taken care of then. Now I just have to choose colour... the metallic green it is now, or that funky Dupont chromatic paint that shifts colours. Good thing about that is you doint have to worry about colour match on scratches, etc. Just put some on. :)
I not only have dents, but I have a few little scratches also!!! Arrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

I blame it on Detroit. Than again I blame everything on Detroit. :)
It has nothing to do with the paint it has to do the size of this car. This car is freakin huge and I think thats why they attract door dings. I always park way far away from everyone else. The messed up part is no matter how far away I park, there will always be someone with a shitbox that will park right next to me. :mad:

Or when you park all the way in the back of the lot and you come out of the store to find ONE f***** shopping cart next to your car. It didn't just push ITSELF out there....aholes today...I tell ya.
No dents yet (knock on wood) going on 3 years. I always park waaaaay out, but I always try to make sure one side of the car is next to a curb to protect it a little.

Also, (this is going to sound so anal)..I never park next to 2 door cars (their doors are alot longer then 4 door cars and always seem to whack you when they open their doors) I stay away from minivans too (kids and shopping carts!).

I always look for the guy with the Jag or the Vette and park next to them (if I have to park next to a car), I figure (or at least I hope) that they care enough about their cars that they are careful when they open their doors and won't hit mine. Wishful thinking?
I have a friend with a really nice black Avenger, that no matter what wherever he parks, he attracts huge, 2 1/2 ton pickups no matter where he goes. I thought he was crazy, but its true, it never fails.. :)

I have a love hate relationship with the white paint on my car, the dents/scratches that are there are very hard to see, but waxing it is so damn fustrating.
I don't blame ya, waxing that has got to be a huge pain! :(
mine was keyed when it belonged to my mother. it's a wonder it was only keyed once, she teaches junior high. also has one shopping cart ding in the right rear door that was done by the wind. i saw it happen, it was very sad. i was about 2 seconds and a couple feet too late to do a jetta-commercial-style tackle on the cart, though the idea crossed my mind for a split second...i just watched the wind push that ****er straight into the door. :mad:

knock on wood, that's the extent of my ride's imperfections (besides the dickhead behind the wheel ;) )
i know these dents cant possibly be the sole result of parking in bad places (though it is a contributor). there are literally an entrie line of dents right along the curve in the if someone took a ballpeen hammer and tapped along the door (dont say it). i blame the scratches and missing-paint all over the car from living in downtown boston 8 months out of the year (thats expected) but even before i went off to school the car was all pockmarked. i dont know, it was beautiful when i got it...i use a real expensive polishing solvent on the car with an electric buffer, the same crap my dad used on his showcar (sidenote: he hates all chryslers...always mocks how his 67 olds would kick the crap out of roadrunners and chargers).
anyway, the shinier the car is, the more pronounced the dings im just gonna keep it real dirty all the time. (i think the car looks better caked in dirt and grime)
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There's little or no way an Oldsmobile could run with Roadrunners and Chargers. I have a friend with a muscle-car-era Cutlass, and we piss him off by calling it the Gutless Cutlass. I'm sure everyone's heard that one before. Anyways, a 455, er 454, er whatever was an Olds engine at the time (i think 455) would have lots of trouble keeping up with a 426 or even my friend's '67 Charger 440. :) :) :)
I visited a big box store mall near my house. I parked solo out in left field. Went in for 5 minutes and when I came out, what was beside me? A first gen LH...six inches..his drivers door to mine. What a jerk!!! 20 billion spaces and this superfreak had to park there, and that close. Couldn't find any damage though. Maybe he/she got out of the pasenger door. Relocated my car to another spot. No followers after that.
And I thought my RT was the only magnet for idiots to park beside.

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