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My Concept 93 Trep

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I work for a company called distinct imporessions and we deal with printing and event planning. We mainly print on high quality vinyl that we stick onto signs. About 6 months ago my boss handed me a catalog of all of the uses of vinyl and one of them said it was used to put graphics onto vehicles. So i gave the idea to my boss to start a branch off of distinct impressions called Ph33r Decals. This branch will be the name that sells all car decals. We beat all other prices that i have seen who use high quality vinyls such as we do. (Some vinyls are low quality and peel off with in a few months of application.) (Our vinyl is garenteed for 8 years with out peeling.) So an average reacing strip kit is anywhere from $120 to $200+ our without the kit is anywhere from $40 - $100 dollars and thats for 2 - 6 racing strips all 14" long. With a kit will only be an extra $20 dollars or so. So we have a nice product to sell.

Now back to my main point :)... In about a year i'm going to present my idea to the company to give me 8 - 10 grand to turn my trep into a show room car. This way i can take it to auto shows or just down the street and promote Ph33r Decals and make more sales.

So far the idea is progressing into reality

these are the following things i will do to my 93 trep:

Black paint with high glossy finish
Engine tear down, cleaning, painting, and rebuilding
New brakes with white calipers
New tires
New Rims (rims that you can see calipers)
Mack 3 Spoiler with painted white tips
Two white exteriror trims (the two black things that are just behind the rear window)
Few engine modifications
New Sespension
Custom Interiror collor white:) this will look so bad ass
Sound system upgrades

Things already done:
White neon light underbody kit
Tinted window- not shown in picture
custom intake
Exhaust made into dual
2 12" pioneer subs
1 150 watt continuous pioneeramp
a pioneer 2500 radio

So if you can image all of these mods on a 93 trep i'm pretty sure you would agree that it would be some yummy eye candy.

I need to think of the design i'm going to put on it for the vinyl.

if any of you have ideas for me i'm listening:) i'm very much hoping that this will take place.
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****** said:
i think that u might want to check into a body kit toss the pioneer switch to something more high end u cant go to car show wit pioneer come on now
well pionner subs have one competitons for dB levels...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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