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Okay when me and thrasher meet up he got the chance to recorde my dual exhaust of flowmasters. Well i forgot about the clip and i know alot of people ask how it sounds well here you go ENJOY I KNOW MOPARPERFORMANCE WILL LIKE IT ;) ;) ;)
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YEP, that is the way my car sounded before I HAD to install the glasspk.

Hey, Wutang, do you have any plans to put on a glasspk also??

Especially since you have 2 Flowmasters, the glasspk will make your car sound a whole lot deeper and not so throaty.

Sounds good though, good job!
I need to add one thing my friend.

The main reason I put on the g/p is so that the cracking sound you hear after you let off the gas when you punch it will go away!

I hear that you have a lot of that towards the end of the recording.

So as a friend and fellow Intrepid driver, I highly recommend you run a TRUSH g/p ( long one ) a long with those mufflers. Or at least go down to a muffler shop and try one out. You might like it!
theres a glass pack on mine , right behind the "main" muffler where the cats go, the glass pack is behind it. then to my dynomax.
yeah, not sure if I like that cracking noise, glass pack would make it sound way better.
Mine makes that same "popping" noise when you let off and it gets down to about 2500rpm. I like the sound of it. Mine is a bit louder than that even. :D
Sounds killa man! Yeah, I did like it! I'm gettin' ready to post my Dynomax noise pretty soon, it's not as loud but has a really deep throaty sound like that.

The popping sound you get makes it sound like a freakin' dragster...! What makes that sound cause mine doesn't do that...? Was there an exhaust resonator that was removed...? Mine was just removed and replaced with an upgraded unit to work with the Dynomax.

Is Randy ever gonna add our stuff under Multimedia to finally get some nice Trep related Multimedia?

I know of 3 cool trep Wav's/Video's just off hand. Not tryin' to be a bother but I think it'd be cool for the site.

Later guys.....
maybe you shouldn't be reliant on Randy, I think he does a great job on the site (770+ members)

He is not being paid but still maintains the site and is an active participant

maybe it's time for you to spend the money and invest in your own website, this way all the content that you want is there and if something you want is not available you can only blame yourself. I'm sure anyone who wants to see your images or videos would be happy to follow a link to it

dont let the pressures of other members get to you Intrepid99, this site has a loyal following for one simple reason WWW.DODGEINTREPID.NET is the best!!!!!
Joked whats wrong with you why the hell do you have to critisize him jeez you got a self esteem problem. He just said it as a suggestion and he said he dosent want to bother if you can read
I simply do not appreciate people who pressure randy into catering to their every request. He does not charge you a membership fee, he is not compensated for his time, he runs a great site

if you want a site that will allow you to do anything and everything you want instantly get your own site

look at the members who have their own sites myself, thrasher, LHSer amd many more, do we ever have posts bothering randy to post our pics, vids or sounds? No, we do it ourself and then link to it for others to see

I have even built websites for two members, AvengerRT and Babyalex, did I ask for compensation? No I did it to help other people out

bottom line, you pay nothing to be here, don't be so demanding

again randy, keep up the good work!!!!
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That still dosent give you the right to ***** like a whore. Lets see he asked him as a favor and some people dont know how to even make websites. Second he said it because it would help the site pay attention NERD.
Originally posted by Wutang15m:
That still dosent give you the right to ***** like a whore. Lets see he asked him as a favor and some people dont know how to even make websites. Second he said it because it would help the site pay attention NERD.
asking as a favor??? I dont think so, if he was asking a favor he wouldnt be pestering him every day

if this video would "help the site" randy would have added them himself. Do you know why my how-to is posted? Because he chose to add it to help others, not because I bothered him

"Helpful to others" and "show me off" are two seperate things

If you don't know how to do something just ask. In the last part of my post you will see where I have made websites for two members just because they asked. No compensation, just being helpful, can you say that?
Yes Master Yes master Hale all power to the almighty NERD :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
please notice where your wavs are being hosted, on thrashers site, maybe you would like to call him a nerd too?
Not really we meet and hes cool. Unlike you, Youre a NERD NERD

NERDDDDDDDDDDDDDd :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
oh, please stop, you are hurting me with your harsh 14-yr old taunting

now take your little freeloader ways and go home
Hey Hey Whore Dont player hate Participate :p :p :p :p :p :eek: :eek:
hey Wutang / Joekd, both of you guys need to just chill. I got involved in a bad fight with Starscream a while back and I really went off in a bad way. I did regret it later!

I really thank joekd for the site. I finally just got the hang of it.

I really thank Wutang for his help in some things too.

Like that stupid PRICK Rodney King said in 1992, can't we all get along.

:D :cool:
So alex you never told me whats wrong with youre car??? You said i t was acting up??? :confused: :confused:
Yeah enough of the bullshit. lol

Hey Joekd... if you build websites... do you want to build mine? Hehehehehe.

I am so website illiterate it aint funny. Ill hook ya up with some DjPiLL mixes.... hehehe.

oh and PS: Calling someone a nerd online is just gay. We are all nerds for being on here, especially those with over 500 posts... like myself LOL

[ January 29, 2002: Message edited by: DjPiLL ]
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