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Okay when me and thrasher meet up he got the chance to recorde my dual exhaust of flowmasters. Well i forgot about the clip and i know alot of people ask how it sounds well here you go ENJOY I KNOW MOPARPERFORMANCE WILL LIKE IT ;) ;) ;)
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Bequite Djpill yack yack Just kidding bro.

I wanted to ask you this but never did. What kind of music do you DJ just wondering do you do HIP HOP and Techno Or underground new york stuff.

Because thats what im into ;)
Originally posted by DjPiLL:
oh and PS: Calling someone a nerd online is just gay. We are all nerds for being on here, especially those with over 500 posts... like myself LOL

No comment. :D
PIMPED, good answer, hehehe!!!!!

Hey Wutang, my car has that funky smell to it coming from the exhaust. But the problem is that the car shakes in idle. Maybe my O2 sensors are bad or the cat. **** I have no idea. I just noticed that you said that you HAD to change both the sensors and the cat. I just thought you had the same problem too. :confused:
whoa whoa whoa, I just got in.....

What the hell is the deal....?

I have been trying to tread as lightly as possible about it and have been really cool even indicating that I'm not tryin to be a bother....

Dude, you got a serious problem, jumpin' all over people man....

In fact I do have websites of my own and so do my friends....

I am actually loyal to Randy and this site, I think it's great and never complained. I just didn't want to be disrespectful starting something else taking people away from this site. I think that itself would not be cool.

I am actually the domain owner of other Dodge Intrepid related domains., is one of them. I stopped dead in my tracks of doing this myself after coming to this site. I didn't want to take something away from someone that's already done it.

I have been very kind and cool about it. I just think it's kinda weak and others may agree that we have a Multimedia section with no cool Intrepid stuff. I am only trying to help in improving the site for everyone. If you have a problem with that then I don't know what to say. I'd like to thank those who understand and got my back....

I don't see why you feel the need to freak out and speak for others. I didn't realize I did anything wrong. I have kindly suggested it before with no comment ever. I'd just like to know what's up.

If that's the way it's gonna be I will be starting my own damn site and will not even ever suggest anything more. Damn, actin' like I dissed Randy, I never meant any dissrespect at all, relax and don't tell people what to do, what not to do etc.

I hate to be goin' on but just thinkin' about it has got me pissed off!!

And about not asking..... Don't even talk before you really know....

I submitted a pic, just ONE, not even a large pic of my 99ES that I did in Photshop, Emailed my pic in and it's been weeks and it's NEVER been posted up under Pictures. I have kindly asked Randy about it after waiting patiently, other pictures have been put up EXCEPT the one that "MoparPerformance" submitted weeks ago.

I never even asked anything about having my accident pictures posted up in which I think it would be really cool for others to see. It's been a while, no one has asked if I'd like those posted under "Intrepid wrecks"

I posted a really cool simple thing you can do to test your Instruments, Instrument Panel LED's, Guages etc weeks ago as well. This is how the dealers usually test them. No one's ever asked me if they could post that under "How To"

There's two things right there I have never asked but have waited extremely patiently hoping someone would offer.

I guess a member "MoparPerformance" is not good enough like Joekd'.... That's cool after I'm done with Project Trep 2.7L and get about 240HP out of my 2.7L and performance tune it, i'll take you to the track and we can go.... we'll see who's good enough and I'll even post the video on the NEW site I'm gonna create.

You act like I have asked if he could redesign the freakin' site, I know how to design websites myself, the dirty work has already pretty much been done thus far, it's not hard to post a couple links. Excuse me for truely appreciating this site and trying to help improve it and make it more interesting for others.....


[ January 30, 2002: Message edited by: MoparPerformance ]
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Sorry Wu that your post became a freakin' arguement.... There's other things I wanted to say but I'm gonna keep cool brother....

ITs cool bro i was about to make a commet right now, but then whats the point. Hes going to act like a little child, hes not done this once but several times im just going to leave it at that. Anytime mopar and dont make youre own site and dont leave this site.

Theres just some people THAT DONT HAVE FREIND AND WANT TO ARGUE YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
I spin a variety of suff. Since the crowd I normally play for is 25 and over... I tend to play 80s through 90s. I do a lot of old school hip-hop, OPP, Humpty Dance, Poison. The people here in NY really dig it (at least people my age). I also spin alternative/progressive house. Nothing to hardcore. I also do a lot of reggae and r&b. It really depends on what I am in the mood to play. Since I DJ two nights a week at minimum, i have to keep my gigs fresh, so i change it up quite often so my sound doesnt get stale. Right now I am on this house kick (Plummet, Kim English, Iio, etc etc.)
Tight kid. i tend to lean on the east side on hip hop like naz busta wutang. Im not in to that master P Kind of hip hop.

Cause i think new york is were mainly hip hop originated from
Yeah I dont even play too much of that Naz, Busta, Wutang (sorry man but Wutang was out about four years ago)... LOL

But i have no problem if you like them.

If anything... I play a lot of the modern hip-hop now... Fat Joe, Ja Rule, JayZ, etc.
Actually... one of my classic "DjPiLL" mixes... i remix IZZO by Jay-Z.

Ill take the vocals / acapella from Izzo, and mix it in to different beats. Ive used the beats from "Im Real" by Jlo/Jarule and ive even used the breakbeat to "Break of Dawn" by Michael Jackson.

Maybe if I have this on one of my CDs... i can up a sample of it to my FTP site.
I've got a question for ya dj, Are you doin' public or private gigs? I've got a friend who works for an environmental firm and is currently working at the Freshkills landfill over on Staten Island. He's been in NYC since the end of Sept. and has been trying to hit a few clubs when he's off from work. Obviously we don't have this quality entertainment in WV so we've been living vicariously through him. If your playing anywhere he can hear ya, shoot me an email and I'll pass the info to him. Thanks.
DJPill is the man behind the mixer!

Check out his sample he posted in the "Whatever" section

DJPill Sample
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