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My Favorite Mopars . . .

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I am interested in your opinions . . . my favorite Mopars are:

1. '69 1/2 Super Bee
2. '97 Viper GTS
3. '62/63 Dodge Polara 880
4. '69 Charger R/T S/E
5. '69 Dart GTS
6. '70-'73 Challenger
7. '65-'69 Coronet
8. '70 AAR 'Cuda
9. '86-87 Omni GLH-S
10.'60 Chrysler 300F

The Spirit R/T and my Intrepid R/T didn't quite make the list. Nice cars and all, pretty quick, comfortable, and pleasing to the eye. Besides the obvious conflict of interest, I haven't owned the Intrepid R/T long enough for it to bump any of my favorites. Yet.

Of course, I haven't owned most of these cars, but . . . just being classic musclecars makes them eligible, right?

Okay, how 'bout you guys?


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ya know, i almost bought a '68 coronet last year! (i didnt though, i needed moeny for school) was a clone superbee, light yellow on black, with a 383 (in place of the old 318), automatic, etc, etc...would have been pretty sweet though, the price was pretty low too, needed a littel work, byt the motor and drivetrain were fine... ive always loved that bodystyle the best!
anyways, maybe in a few years ill find that roadrunner ive always wanted since i was 5 years old :( ...(cant wait anylonger!!!)

anyways, heres the top ten fav cars (some mopar, some not)

1. 68-69 plymouth roadrunner (440, or 426)
2. '67 olds 4-4-2
3. '67 GTX
4. '71 roadrunner (HOG)
5. any year porsche 911!!!!
6. '87 buick gnx
7. '94-'96 chevy impala
8. '74 dodge challenger
9. tie: '69 dodge charger, '85 pontiac trans-am, optimus prime, and The General (gijoe)hahaha
10. pretty much any old big-block carbed boat will do just fine!
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:( No Spirit R/T? :(
Why not. I think it is just as quick in the quarter as some of the older cars on your list. Granted it isn't as cool. Any chance my R/T will be like today's '60's Chryslers?? Cool, well sought after and, oh yes, priceless? :rolleyes: Probably not.
The Spirit R/T is definitely cool! I had it in the honorable mention section of my favorites, along with the Intrepid R/T.

It is just that since I can remember I have seen these classic Mopars and loved them. The Spirit is a new addition, so to speak. I would love to own one, just as much as I would love to own many cars on my list.

Tops still goes to the '69 1/2 Super Bee, though.

No offense, eh?
There are two cars I would love to have or rebuild...

late 60's Cuda or a late 60's early 70's Charger.
The 70-71 challenger R/T and T/A models have got to be some of the most beautiful cars ever built. With the smooth body lines, Dana 60 rear ends, pistol grip shifters, underhood standard motors of 383 or 340 and optional 440 and of course the 426 hemi these cars had the power to kick ass.
1) 1970 Hemi 'Cuda
2) 1969 Roadrunner w/383
1969 black with red strip Dodge Daytona 426 Hemi. The fastest of all Mopars. With the race Hemi Charlie Glotzbach in 1969 on a 5 mile oval reached 243.07 mph. Way faster than the 800 hp twin turbo Viper. And that motor was only rated at 650 hp.
My2nd most desired mopar 1970 hemi cuda with shaker hood. mopars that I have owned.
1970 Plymouth Duster 340 4spd plum crazy
1968 Plymouth Road Runner 383 4spd light yellow
1970 challenger parts car
1970 Dodge dart swinger 340 auto Plum Crazy
1970 Dodge Challenger t/a go-mango(still have)
1973 Dodge Challenger Rallye 340 pistol grip 4spd Green
1969 Plymouth Road Runner 383 4spd b-5 Blue
most desired mopar 1968 hemi dart

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I had a Silver 69 Coronet R/T 440 with a maroon interior. So I guess I'm a little prejudiced. I cuss myself out every time I think about when I sold it. Also like the 70 Duster twister with the 340 in black with gold lettering. Pretty quick little car.
Well, I like some of the other Mopars. They did build cars before 1960. The top of the list. 1940 Plymouth-deluxe
2 1934 Chrylser Airflow- ahead of itstime
3 1948 Chrysler Town and Country
4 1959 Desoto- Beautiful lines
5 1934 Dodge Brothers Coupe- Better than a Ford
I love the Airflow too - what a beautiful car!

I also shouldn't have failed to include one of the baddest 4x4's ever - the Dodge Power Wagon!

Here's mine--

1969 Dodge Charger
The new Dodge Charger Concept
1979 Chrysler Newport (yes-it looked like an unmarked State Trooper car and people did get out my way or slow down).
1989 Chrysler Lebaron GTS w/2.5 turbo motor
The car that starred in the movie "The Wraith"- I think its called a Turbo Interceptor.
2001 Intrepid R/T (had to throw that in)
1958 Plymouth Fury (aka- Christine)
Any Viper- esp the GTS
I think that's it
he said
Also like the 70 Duster twister with the 340 in black with gold lettering. Pretty quick little car.
Duster twisters only came in 225 six cylnder and 318 v-8
My uncle had one Plum Crazy Purple with a 340, 4-Speed. Standred was the 225 slant six. The 318 and 340`s were optional.
I just want a viper GTS-RT to bad its not street legal.

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spook r/t the only duster with the 340 was the duster 340 package,the twister package only available with slant 6 and 318
Originally posted by BK:
1989 Chrysler Lebaron GTS w/2.5 turbo motor
The car that starred in the movie "The Wraith"- I think its called a Turbo Interceptor.
It was not a Lebaron, it was a special concept car developed for the PPG Race Car series. It is called a M4S Concept. Check it out on my site... badassmopars
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