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ya know, i almost bought a '68 coronet last year! (i didnt though, i needed moeny for school) was a clone superbee, light yellow on black, with a 383 (in place of the old 318), automatic, etc, etc...would have been pretty sweet though, the price was pretty low too, needed a littel work, byt the motor and drivetrain were fine... ive always loved that bodystyle the best!
anyways, maybe in a few years ill find that roadrunner ive always wanted since i was 5 years old :( ...(cant wait anylonger!!!)

anyways, heres the top ten fav cars (some mopar, some not)

1. 68-69 plymouth roadrunner (440, or 426)
2. '67 olds 4-4-2
3. '67 GTX
4. '71 roadrunner (HOG)
5. any year porsche 911!!!!
6. '87 buick gnx
7. '94-'96 chevy impala
8. '74 dodge challenger
9. tie: '69 dodge charger, '85 pontiac trans-am, optimus prime, and The General (gijoe)hahaha
10. pretty much any old big-block carbed boat will do just fine!
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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