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My Favorite Mopars . . .

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I am interested in your opinions . . . my favorite Mopars are:

1. '69 1/2 Super Bee
2. '97 Viper GTS
3. '62/63 Dodge Polara 880
4. '69 Charger R/T S/E
5. '69 Dart GTS
6. '70-'73 Challenger
7. '65-'69 Coronet
8. '70 AAR 'Cuda
9. '86-87 Omni GLH-S
10.'60 Chrysler 300F

The Spirit R/T and my Intrepid R/T didn't quite make the list. Nice cars and all, pretty quick, comfortable, and pleasing to the eye. Besides the obvious conflict of interest, I haven't owned the Intrepid R/T long enough for it to bump any of my favorites. Yet.

Of course, I haven't owned most of these cars, but . . . just being classic musclecars makes them eligible, right?

Okay, how 'bout you guys?


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My grandma has a 1979 Dodge Powerwagon. I drive it all the time, it rune like a chanp. Only has 92,000 miles on it.
Viperman- I know the car in the movie wasn't a Lebaron GTS- I owned one and really liked it which made it one of my favorite Mopars. I think my wording was a little off.
Dodgeman you are right. I had a :confused: senior moment. What I really was thinking of was the Gold Duster. It also only came in 318 max. One of my buddy's had a black 340 with a white 340 stripe & the other friend had the Black Gold Duster. Check out this link its very nice. :D

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hey redblurr I have them all the time and I am not going to tell you how I knew the facts on the duster cause that would date me., yeah that site is pretty cool. will check in more detail later.
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