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well, the story starts a week ago this saturday, which would equate to today. i go get my oil changed, pennz 5w-30 for winter, and they did the usual number, checking the coolant, tranny fluid, etc etc. i went on my way, everything was fine, and the car was happy. i smelled a hint of coolant but i figured they probably just spilled a little. well, yesterday i backed into a parking spot and when i came back to the car after about 30 minutes i soon saw that it was throwing coolant from the waterpump side. jeez, i think, because the water pump is only 5500 miles old. so i pop the hood and on the reserve bottle is the cap upside down next to the hole. oh god, i say, and put the cap back on. well, the car started running hotter than normal, so i filled her up with antifreeze and it kept running hot. this morning i went over to the dealer and asked the tech there to charge as much as possible to flush, fill, and inspect the cooling system. i was more than pleased when the total bill for parts and labor was nearly $160. :eek: :eek: :eek:

well, i drove that receipt straight down to the lube place and had a 10 minute "chat" with the manager, who graciously told me that they'd send me a check monday morning. so that's how i spent my saturday morning.

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