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My intake mod's with pics

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Finally I have the pics to show my intake mods. Racon high flow air filter with metal partition to block the hot air from the engine bay. It took a couple pieces of pvc pipe and 2 metal/rubber clamps and then all that was left was the partition.
35 MPG.. Hmmm not bad Ehhh!
Heres link
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Delete the last word on that link..thanks .
Thanks Randy for posting that.
Thanks guys for the accolades. The PVC piping is basically a couple of angle pieces
and then two 3" gear clamps that have a rubber bushing to seal the gap. The partition is basically aluminum coil that I had a friend bend on a siding "brake". The Brake just folded the edges over to give it more strength. If I remember correctly, the partition is 15" long. The end near the strut is around 12" and near the rad it is approx 9.5" It may not be a perfect seal but just find some car door weatherstripping and it'll be close. The hole for the intake piping is just lined with clear tubing cut in half.
I used brass screws in holes I pre-drilled in the front beam/rail (?) where the bottom of the partition rests. There was a brass angle bracket you can see in the pic to support the top.
The partition has a 90 degree angle on the base of it. The base is approx 2" wide. The brass screws then go through the base into the front beam/rail.

Phew... I hope that helps.!!
My mileage before was around 29-31 MPG. So there was a small improvement. Makes a nice roar now too when under hard acceleration. :cool:
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