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Well, my 96 Intrepid, 3.5L almost at 150k miles would not start about 2 months ago. Just crank, crank, crank, but no start. After taking it to a local shop and replacing the crankshaft sensor, trying a different PCM, and an ignition switch, they diagnosed it as a faulty engine wiring harness and deemed the car as "junked".

So I took it to another shop, and after they tested the car's wiring and sensors, they were at a lost too. Not being very mechanical when it comes to cars, I did some online research, especially on this website. I have told myself in the past that I should really get the timing belt and water pump replaced in the car, because they are most likely still original.

I mentioned the timing belt to the shop, and at first they did not think it was it because it was still intact, but they checked in anyway. I get a call later telling me that my timing belt is "saturated in antifreeze". I knew my water pump had started leaking, but I guess it was worse than I thought.

Now the shop is going to replace the timing belt and water pump, and hope for the best, I'd hate to see the old girl go to the junkyard.
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