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my kills

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First off, I can burn my friends junky '79 Camaro, which has the most horrible V6 I have ever seen. It's rated stock (which his is) at something like 120 horsepower --Ouch!
But that's nothing big really.

I just wasted some Acura that's maybe a little older then my car. It was no VTEC Integra or anything, it was some big sedan, but the guy in it was trying. He dhirped the tires, and had to be revving up to redline. Not that I didn't do both of those too... Actually, I didn't. I didn't chirp my tires, I only chirped one. The other, I roasted on the slightly sandy pavement.

And, despite what some might think, and despite what the two cars are meant for in comparison, I beat some rusty Taurus SHO. All-out: Dead stop to at least 90 miles per hour. I wasn't looking at my speedometer, I was looking in the rear-view-mirror: think the Ford Tortoise owner gave up by 70.

That's all for now, but I'm sure more will come. No run-ins with ricers yet. The only one I'd had the chance with was a decked-out '98-ish Eclipse, which would have smoked me. So I wasn't embarrassed not to race, I turned right at the light, even though I wnated to go straight.
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