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My New(Used) 2008 Dodge Durango Limited

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Picked this up a few days ago. 2008 Durango Limited. Brilliant Black on Gray Leather Interior. Every option available installed! 5.7L. RER MyGig NAV with Alpine Premium Audio and Subwoofer. Rear DVD. Tow Package and 20" Chrome Clad wheels. 160K miles for $3500. w00t! I believe these retailed for over $36k new. Real pictures to follow but these stock photos look just like what I bought.

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Thank you.

Need to load up some music onto the MyGig hard drive for my road trip tomorrow. And pair my phones.

Also checking out the free 90 day trial of Sirius Satellite Radio.
Damn, that's quite a beast! Guess MPG wasn't one of your buying concerns.
Not really. I already own a 2004 Durango with the 4.7L. It's showing 22-24 mpg on the EVIC at 70 mph. Doing the actual math at a fill up shows it's closer to 20 mpg. I figure the 5.7L will net 19 mpg @ 70 mph with MDS engaged. We'll see tomorrow on my 400 mile road trip to XNA.
You won't see those numbers on a 2002 or later Concorde from my experience with 3.5L engines. Seems the earlier EGR 3.5L engines are more efficient. 3.2L is slightly more efficient. Maybe 1 mpg highway.

For Example:
My 2000 R/T routinely would get 28-29 Highway mpg
2002 R/T and 2002 300m Special never topped 25 Highway mpg even with A/C off.
Googling shows the 5.7L rated at 14-19.

We're not fans of anything that gets under 20MPG......BTDT too often, and still have 2 vehicles that get under 15-17 city. That said, I was trying to get my wife to let that slide when looking at Cayennes, but I lost that battle......

That was one surprising thing about the Concorde. Easily 26MPG (sometimes 28) on the highway.

We're talking about an 11 year old vehicle here that wasn't noted for big mpg numbers with the 5.7L.'s not a real concern as work will be footing the bill for expenses running it.

Newer Durangos (3rd Gen) are more efficient but I'm not paying the prices for even a used one at a minimum of $15k. And I sure as hell won't buy any Money Pit High $$$$ Maintenance German stuff. I bought the Durango for haul stuff. It's not a "Sports" anything. It's roomy and with this Limited model it has a surprising amount of Technology in it considering the year. You can have your Expensive German Crap! LOL!
Just paired both "Work" & "Play" phones. Confirmed both make/receive calls. w00t!

Just think if the LH line soldiered on to another Line Generation and incorporated all this technology.
Ron - start thinking of maintenance items with the vehicle having 170K.

Radiator hoses
Spark plugs
Air filter
Oil / filter change
Struts / shocks
Front suspension items
Rear suspension items
Fluid changes
Rotating the tires - possible alignment
Battery terminal condition

Might be a few other items - either do it yourself or have a shop do certain things.

BTW - nice find!

Already have shocks that were ordered for the 2004. Fit the 2008. 2008 has a more controlled ride so the shocks don't appear to be worn out yet.

Oil/Air filters, PCV Valve and Spark Plugs were ordered yesterday. Battery looks to be around 5 years old so looking into replacing that.

Tires are two Mismatched pairs. BF Goodbitch and a pair of some other brand I never heard of. The Goodbitches look close to new the the no names I'd guess are worn over 60%. Looking into buying another pair of Goodbitches to match. 275/55-20 honkers.
Looks like I have one TPMS Sensor crapping out that started today. No reading on the EVIC. Tire Pressure is OK.

To order a Shrader or Denso Sensor? Decisions decisions! I've had good luck with both. Shrader is $24.79 and Denso $34.79. They look identical. Mopar is $63.79....all from RockAuto.
Looks like your Charger uses Schraders as OEM. Why did you buy the Autell? You can get Schraders from RA for $24.79 for your 2014 Charger. Or you can buy the OEM for $62.89 from RA and pay $20 or so to install it?

Mine uses Schraders so probably what I'll order. Otherwise shops want $110 for a new sensor and install. Figure $25 for the sensor and $20-25 for install.
The 400 mile Lit-XNA-LIT trip went fine. EVIC showed 19.8 mpg avg @ 70 mph. Need to check the tire size as I was passing a number of cars @ 70 mph indicated. I'll whip out the SuperChips tuner and put the Gas Saver Tune in it and verify the tire size to make sure the Speedo is correct.

Satellite Radio and CDs transferred to the MyGig hard drive made the 7 hour trip bearable!
New Key Fob blanks came in today. I'll take them to the locksmith Monday and get them cut and programmed. Should be a whopping $30. I'll have a total of 3 programmed key fobs after that.
The 5.7L requires 7 quarts of 5W-20 Earl. Guess that's the price to pay for owning a "Hemi"! No more just buying single 5 qt jugs of Oil. Synthetic isn't specified but probably even better.
Put the stock tune back in the 2004 Durango and transferred the SuperChips Tuner to the Limited. Loaded up the Gas Saver tune. We'll see how it does on the next road trip later this week.
Need to pull the 2nd row console and do a power wash clean out of the bin! Looks like it was a family hauler previously....there's crackers, candy and all sorts of nasty **** stuck to the bottom.

Haven't tried the flip forward 2nd row bucket seats to test 3rd row access yet. I'll do that later today with some more cleaning.
Some actual pictures! Kind of dirty after the 400+ mile trip to XNA. Part of having a Black Vehicle again. Not the best pictures but I'll have better ones after cleaning it up.

Looks like the Drivers side headlight has been replaced. Passenger side is clouded. Ordered a pair of new headlights along with Fog Lights and LED bulbs for both.
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Premium Windshield Sunshade ordered. AVS Window Vent Visors will be here later this week. Same as the 2004 SLT. Didn't want to transfer them as they have adhesive tape to keep them secure in channel.

Thinking that's about it for this Beast. Battery is 5 years old and a WalTard battery. Might replace that as a preventative measure. Will get another Interstate battery.
It's like Christmas in May!

Just received the following today:

AVS Window Vent Visors - Installed
Super Premium Folding Windshield Sun Shade - Installed
New Fog Lights - Waiting for the LED Bulbs to get here later today
LED Headlight Bulbs - Waiting to get the new headlights
Dodge FSM 4 Manual Set - w00t!

Also went to the Locksmith and got the two aftermarket Key Fobs cut & programmed.
$24.95 for the Key Fobs from Amazon and $65.40 to cut and program the keys! It would've cost close to $400 from the dealer for the equivalent!
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Also ordered some Chrome Caps for the Door Rear View Mirrors.
Loving the Remote Start and Power Lift Gate features!
First repair on the Durango finished. The MyGig RER NAV unit was randomly locking up and rebooting especially when the cabin was hot. Some research indicated it was most likely the hard drive. Followed the test procedures and ordered up a new programmed Hard Disk from for $90 and installed. Updated the Firmware and Maps to the latest from the included DVD and all is well in Durango Land!
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