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My New(Used) 2008 Dodge Durango Limited

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Picked this up a few days ago. 2008 Durango Limited. Brilliant Black on Gray Leather Interior. Every option available installed! 5.7L. RER MyGig NAV with Alpine Premium Audio and Subwoofer. Rear DVD. Tow Package and 20" Chrome Clad wheels. 160K miles for $3500. w00t! I believe these retailed for over $36k new. Real pictures to follow but these stock photos look just like what I bought.

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Heading up to Jacksonville tomorrow (20 miles) to pick up a used RR Door glass that SafeLite claims isn't available new otherwise. $82 for Laminated Privacy Glass used.

I'll head up there after I retrieve Durango IIII from the dealer after the window replacement.
Just realized the Splash Guards/Mud Flaps that I bought for Durango I and never installed will fit Durango II. Both 2nd Gen Durangos. Another Install Project!
Grrrrr! Just tried putting the rear Splash Guards on the 2008 Durango go! I figured all 2nd gens 2004-2009 would be the same....but no! Apparently the sets I have only fits 2004-2005! Apparently they changed the fender shape and mount points after 2005.

Went online and ordered up the correct pairs for $82 for all four from Mopar.

I'll list the set on the Durango forum and see if I can get $50 or so for them.
When do you plan to have this sold?
This one is Durango II...the Black 2008. I'm going to keep it for a awhile and decide what to do with it in about 6 months.

Durango II

Durango I is the 2004 that will be for sale.

Durango I

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I use Durango II for hauling **** in the back that I don't want to put in my Pristine Durango III cargo area!
Durango I isn't registered or insured any more so it stays parked until sold.
Installed today:

NAPA Legend AGM Battery - Absorbent Glass Mat BCI No. 65 750 CCA Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) $153.59 /Each

And a $25 rebate Gift Card. w00t!
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The NAPA AGM battery works like a champ. Almost instant start after turning the key. Ronbo Recommended!
ok, but wait, what are the benifits of AGM over the other plain old NAPA gold legend betteries?
ok, but wait, what are the benifits of AGM over the other plain old NAPA gold legend betteries?
Supposed to be better separation between the plates inside the battery with the glass mat. The regular NAPA batteries were almost as much as the AGM I purchased on sale. Plus the $25 rebate brings the AGM battery to the same cost as the regular NAPA Legend batteries. Up until now all AGM batteries I've looked at were in the $215-250 range!
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