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My Special SXT's Part-Out

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*** All prices are in US dollars and do not include shipping. PayPal is preferred and the buyer must cover the fees. I will accept Money Orders but they will have to be from the post office and in Canadian Dollars. I ship via Canada Post (USPS) and use the PayPal shipping tool to make things easier for both sides. ***

So just an update. I want this car gone by the end of the month so whatever doesn't sell goes to the scrap yard. I have a tentative date of September 21-22 for a Niagara Falls meet in order to exchange parts. If you want to meet up for bigger parts, this is time.

As most of you know, back in May my '02 Intrepid SXT was involved in an accident. It's been deemed a total loss, no big surprise because of the age and the damage. Before the car goes to the yard, I will be grabbing a few parts and putting them for sale to recoup some of my losses.

Here's a start to what's for sale, there will be more coming so stay tuned!

First off, a full set of 2002 300M Special seats. Per usual, full drivers memory, heated and power on both sides. These are in pretty good shape for their age. The front seats come out of a car with around 75k miles, the rears out of a higher millage vehicle but were barely sat in. These are non-side airbag seats for those wondering.

Asking $300 for these. I prefer local pickup but I'm willing to work with whoever is seriously interested in them.

Next is an Mopar molded trunk mat for an Intrepid (98-04). It's in good shape, just dirty.

Asking $50.

I have a set of six (6) factory Chrome Aluminum wheels w/ tires for a 2002 Intrepid RT/SXT. These are pretty rare to find since most were scrapped because of peeling/leaks. The wheels come with four (4) center caps and tires. Five (5) of the tires are in okay shape, one is finished, the rest are older but still have life left. The rims are also in good shape for their age. They all have a bit of peeling, with a couple of them peeling around the center cap area, but they all clean up well. Look at the pictures to see for yourself.

Bolt pattern is 114.3mm x 5, tires are 225/55/17 which are the stock size.

Asking $300 for the 6, that's $50 a wheel!

Intrepid Police Interceptor Brake Cooling Ducts. I received these from a member a few years ago and never installed them. They are used but in good shape, I'll work on a picture of them. I will include some "templates" which are the cutouts from the Interceptor bumper that was on the car. This will make cutting the hole in your bumper much easier.


Just like these, but black plastic.

Passenger side Intrepid fog light, half decent shape, has a clear bra film on the polished lens to protect it.


Front plate holder for Intrepid ES/RT/SXT.


2002-2004 3.5 High Output engine harness. Two issues with the harness. One fuel injector plug has a broken retainer, still holds fine (I might be able to repair if I find another pigtail). The second is the PCM plug that has a broken retainer, once again it still holds and can be repaired. This is perfect for those that want to upgrade from the non-HO engine.


2002 300M Special Front Door Harness. Great condition, these are the FULL FUNCTION harness's. That means, full power, full memory, auto-diming, courtesy, signal mirrors, heat and more. Modifications have been made to these so that Intrepid regular power mirrors can be plugged into the harness's if you don't have memory mirrors. Also, the harness's have been modded so that the window, lock and mirror switches are lit.


300M Special/ Police Interceptor rear swaybar including the mounts, bushings and clips. I bought the bar, bushings and clips new from the dealer back in 2008. The bar and bushings are now discontinued so are somewhat rare. A bit of surface rust but nothing some paint can't fix.


Misc. 3.5 Engine Parts are available. The engine is still good but I suspect there's an issue with the thermostat by-pass passage being plugged in the block. To fix this you would have to pull the drivers side head to clean the passage. There's a new oil pump on the engine with less than 5k miles, 4.5k of that was synthetic. If you're interested in any parts let me know.

Make some offers!!!

More stuff to come...
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Boy do those seats look nice. I would love to have them but I don't think I can swing it at this time.
I'll take payments! Especially since I know they would be going to a good home :)
LMAO just saw your postings on'm interested in the trunk liner but have to wait for funds... hopefully it doesn't sell by the time I have funds.
LMAO just saw your postings on'm interested in the trunk liner but have to wait for funds... hopefully it doesn't sell by the time I have funds.
haha yep that's me. Let me know when you do have the cash!
hopefully I'll have it soon... Summer's a slow time for me at work and with my wife being a teacher no income there. I got a couple things on ebay hoping they will sell soon.
Boy do those seats look nice. I would love to have them but I don't think I can swing it at this time.
That drivers side seat is MINT.
I got steph's old set lol...

Hey just noticed... are those 300 door trims in the back? can they be added without doing a total interior swap?
Wish you lived in Ohia Step and not in Poutine Land!

I prolly would have taken that ENTIRE interior if you were closer.

:canadian4: unite! lol
Lol pouting island! The dash is trashed and both rear door panels are in less than stellar condition. And yes, those are m door panels in the back. They require modification to fit correctly though because of the different door shapes between the M and the trep.

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That drivers side seat is MINT.
Those front seats look soooo much better than mine, I wish we weren't so far apart. Damn. I'd really like those. LoL
I'm willing to work something out with meeting some members at the border. PM me if you're really interested!
The Hitch is SOLD! Some guy drove 4hrs to come pick the thing up, I'm glad it's gone.
Meet at the border....I sure could use the seats too.
If only I had the money
I'm currently working something out with another member for the seats, maybe we'll have a mini-meet in Niagara!
The Hitch is SOLD! Some guy drove 4hrs to come pick the thing up, I'm glad it's gone.
It's worth the drive to see you lol.. Took me 7 hrs for the seats...
What's happening to the struts?
What's happening to the struts?
They'll be up for grabs. I've pulled the rear set, I'm not very far from doing the same to the front. The rear ones have less than 1000km's on them and maybe a month on the car before the accident, the fronts 6000km or so and 6 months on the car. Both are Moog quick-struts but the fronts have new Mopar strut mounts and bearings to take care of the issues with the aftermarket quick-struts.
I've added some chrome crusaders to the original post!
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