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I changed the tailights with LEDs a while ago and had gotten the resistors to fix the fast blink but never got to install them. Last night I decided to finally put the resistors in or I would never do it. I put them in, correctly, and only fixed the fast blink when the parking lights and headlights were off(during the day). Oh well, i thought, then about an hour ago, my dad drove the car for about 3 or 4 minutes and then parked it and shut it off. I follor the car up the driveway and notice a vapor coming out of my tailights. My dad smells it and goes "thats not vapor, something electric's on fire." So I quickly pop the trunk, pull the carpet an pull the tails off. The resistor was hot as a motherfu.... and the electric tape was melting. Everyone that said this resistor crap works and/or is safe is retarted. The last thing I want is a friggin fire in my trunk while driving.
i'll be putting the normal bulbs in and taking out the resistors except for the brake lights in the morning.
And yes, I did it correctly, with the correct resistor from radio shack, trust me, so if you're thinking "did he use the search button?", then go somewhere else because I wouldn't even know about the resistor "solution" for the fast blink if I didn't spend so much time reading it using the search button.
So if you've done this to your car be sure to keep an eye on it so your trunk won't start its own little campfire.
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