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Planning a small get together for the weekend of Thanksgiving.

Shop space, lots of parking, but logging is a bit of an issue - I have room for one, maybe 2, at my house - besides that you are on your own - the hotel here (two locations) is almost always booked - future meets will be better planned ahead and will block out rooms based on interest growing each year.

Garrison, ND

Heated full shop with lights, air, tools, welder, torch, internet access (no wifi at this time)

Friday evening, 11/25 through Sunday 11/26

Garrison Motel - 701 463-2858
North Shore Inn and Suites - 701 463-7202

Grocery store and Meat Market for food to cook at event
Four greasy spoons/cafes in town
Gas station Pizza (Hot Stuff)
Bars for late night pizza
No specific meet based food event planned this go-round.

Other Attractions:
North Dakota Fishing Hall of Fame
Garrison Dickens Christmas Village and Festival
Louis and Clark museum (30 minute drive south)
Ft. Stevenson State Park

Events planned:
Motor swap in 1st Gen - new motor mounts to go in also.
Discuss possible truck lid mods
Discuss remote start installation (and possible install)
Discuss long OTIS install
Discuss and investigate body and paint care

1) cdmccul (Cean)

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It's deer hunting and Thanksgiving....not a chance! Sorry

1st Gen FTW - It's AutoMedic!
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Thanks Art! Yea, I know it is 1) TG, 2) Hunting season, and 3) UBER SHORT NOTICE!!!

In some respects, this thread is tongue-in-cheek, but an honest invite to those that might be able to make short notice. Sean and I had planned this through email exchange a week ago, then realized I might as well make it public.

Next time/year, we'll have MUCH better planning.

1st Gen FTW - It's AutoMedic!
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Well, all in all, today wasn't too bad a day at the meet... except there wasn't much meeting.

Yes, kinda lame to call it a meet now - but hey, I'm optimistic!

The project:

The shop:

Some of the work:

My son helping out in the shop:

The end of day 1:

More pictures to come tomorrow. Catering (the GF) is due to bring in an egg bake casserole, no idea for lunch or dinner yet. Dinner on the first day was pizza, and was enjoyed by my kids, my gf, and a friend of my older son (so technically I guess I can call it a "meet", just there were no other Treps involved, and the friend rode his sister's bike since his had either a broken chain, or a flat tire, he couldn't remember which ( o_O )?).

Stay Tuned!!!
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