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Well, after i went through a bunch of work running wires I found out that the rear dome lights are wired completely f*#ked up [as i think they are in the 2g intrepids]. it appears that both wires to the bulb are powered at all times and the dome lights come on when power to one of the wires is shut off. This presents a problem because I wanted to wire my neons to come on when I unlocked my car....

edit: ok, i just realized that I can run 2 wires to the rear domes (just run the ground to the wire that shuts on and off)

HOWEVER, if I do this I can no longer use my switch to turn my lights on/off because the only time they are grounded is then the rear dome light is on (IE the door is open) and which point they are on anyway.

Then I had the idea of just wiring them up to the 2 194 bulbs under the dash (which use a simple 2 wire setup instead of 3) so they would come on only when the door is opened, but not when i unlock the car - but those too are wired up the same way - 2 constant wires and one turns off to turn on the bulb.

my question is, how can i wire them up so they come on when i unlock the car AND still be able to use a switch... Can I get some sort of relay that would send power to the neons only when the power to a remote wire was shut off?

It would be the same principle as the alarm LED which somone made a howto for on 2gstratus [ ] because that is only on when the car is turned off and power is no longer running through the remote wire, however radio shack no longer carries those part numbers. Should i just go to radio shack and tell them what i'm looking for and see if they can help me? or does anyone know what I need?
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