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ok i have a 02 trep, 2.7L and im getting p0171 error code
also when i start the car up and put it in drive the car starts to shutter
until i drive faster only at low speeds or at a stop light it soes it
also i have codes 0325 0138 0152 0456 0440 to go along with italso today the engine light would flicker on and off for 30 seconds or so then beep and then stay on??what couls that be just started doing that today and the light has been on for a year or so

i bought fule injector cleaner for the car and it is burning a bit black around the tail pipe. maby dirty injectors are causing the shutter??

and of coarse i have the oil light flicker problem

so is it worth fixing all those problems or just switch to a 3.2 or 3.5?

can anyone help me in what could cause the shutter

im going to fix the other codes its e-eap and o2secsors

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The shuttering and check engine light flashing means the car is mis-firing badly enough to damage the catalytic converters. This could be caused from a bad spark plug, coil, coil boot, vacuum leak, stuck injector, low compression, or leaky valve.

P0325 = Knock sensor 1 circuit -- bad sensor or wiring
P0138 = O2 sensor 1 bank 2 short to volts -- bad sensor or wiring
P0152 = O2 sensor 2 bank 2 short to volts -- bad sensor or wiring
P0446 = small evap leak detected -- probably gasket on the fuel tank
P0440 = Evap system failure -- probably caused by the P0446

Most important thing to get fixed first is the misfire, it can damage the engine if left alone.
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