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i need a pair of factory stock turn sig.park lamp front housings asemblies or even just lenses, stock factory originals for the '93 intrepid out here. these lamps/lenses can be fogged over or cracked or whatever i dont care, i just need something to stick on the car so its legal,

this car is a rusted super high miles POS that just runs and drives and is always beat to death/abused and has been on borrowed time already, for many years.

freaking new ones are aaround 40 a pop hmm........ i could get parts and swap over to intrepid or LHS or some other front end for not much more $$, a bumper and fenders etc from one, and be done with it all,. i dont havwe paypal or any cards or even a bank account basic one, so need to be able to transfer money from walmart store to store number 0199 in 62656, or a basic moineygram or postal money order or some such thing., in which i do all the time for auto parts buy/sell deals, etc,.. without any issues ever.
text me 737 0942 in 217 thx?


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