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need window motor

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OK, it seems as though I need a window motor for the driver's side front door. It goes down (one touch works fine), just doesn't want to come back up, unless I pull on it. So, any idea if it is just the motor in the door or if could be caused by anything else? Any idea on prices? I have yet to venture to call a dealer, kinda hopin maybe to find something cheap at a scrap yard, if that's what the problem is to begin with. Don't wanna waste money if could just be something electrical...
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The motor does make noise and does attempt to push the window up, but it is a very jerky motion and also gets stuck at which point there is no sound or movement until I put the window back down. I then try to get it started again and pull on the top of the glass to help in assisting it up. How would the switch affect this, just being a ad connection, not delevering a signal?
Well, I hope it's as simple as just being greased, I'll have to see if I can take apart the door tonight or tomorrow, figure out what could might wrong. Thanks for the ideas guys.
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