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Well, after 3 years of 24/7 service in some very harsh ambient temps my primary box has died. Harsh temps meaning 110* after my parents turned off the A/C on the upstairs when my PC is on. It didn't crash once when that happened, and it happened a LOT. Oh the wonders of DIY PCs! :D

The motherboard got flaky and eventually kept giving me machine check exceptions even in Linux, so I thought this would be a nice opportunity to go 64 bit with a nice PCI express GPU.

Heres the specs:

Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology NForce 4 SLI chipset based board (yup, I got the ELUSIVE Ultra varient!)

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200 :D

Graphics: Geforce 7800 GT

RAM: 1 GB Corsair Value Select CAS2.5 (From the old rig, will get some XMS soon)

Hard disk: 2 120GB 7200 rpm disks plus a 40GB for backups (from the old rig, will add a WD 320GB SATA drive soon)

Power: Fortron 400W (400W continuous at 50*C, weighs 6 pounds!, again from the old rig)

Optical Drives: NEC DVD burner burner and Lite-on 16 DVD reader

MS keyboard and mouse

Sound: onboard for now, want an X-Fi

What do you think, not a bad rig eh? The only problem I see is that I don't have any cash for mods to my car! Oh well, autostick and an EVIC will have to wait.

I may not have to wait too long, my run of bad luck seems to have spread, more people are having hardware problems, lots of jobs for me! I just fixed a laptop that someone dropped and busted the AC adapter jack on. I'm the only one in town that does board-level repair, others wont touch it, so I get to say what the job is worth, which right now is $25-$200 depending on difficulty. This time the bill is $100, I had to disassemble the ENTIRE laptop.
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