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maybe ive been awake too long, or its the coffee talking...but that "post your current mileage" topic is pretty huge! hows about building a separate forum for that...BUT ALSO, have people post vehicle probs, maintenence/repair/etc, and the mileage it occured, to see if there is a corrolation between mileage and component failure...
call it an experiment, could be real helpful to see if certain mechanical problems arise at a specific point in time, organized forum...say, people post, the info is gathered at end of the month, and final 'findings' are posted as a standard...well, goodnight! sorry bout the whole long talking thing, its been a long weekend.........whaddya all think about this? i think it woudl be cool, just dont know how the syntax of it would work... :confused:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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