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New guy here, looking for some CCD/PCI information

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Hey guys, my name is Jesse, I'm a lifelong Mopar fan and have quite a few vehicles, 97 Dakota Sport, 99 Durango SLT+, 04 Stratus R/T coupe, 2017 Ram 1500 Sport. I don't own an Intrepid but I would love to, I might use the front bumper off of a 97 on my Durango at some point, I've seen some pictures of someone who did it and I was instantly green with envy.

I just joined this forum because I'm looking for some answers i can't seem to find searching Google and the forums. I'm trying to do a retrofit overhead console in my 99 Durango, I already have one but I'm thinking about adding a sunroof and need to use something shorter than the 99 version, the Chrysler parts bin overhead console that came in the Intrepid, 300M, Grand Cherokee, Liberty, later model Durango, Ram, is what I want to use. The problem is my truck is a CCD bus 2 wire system, the later Durango model is a 1 wire PCI bus. I know if I use it, the instant mpg, trip mileage, and possibly temperature won't work. Which brings me here, it seems like Intrepids, LHs, 300Ms used the same shaped consoles but there may be a select few years that they were designed for CCD communication and thus would work for my truck. I bought one yesterday from an 01 Grand Cherokee that has the toggle style sunroof switch I believe I can use, I was thinking if the Intrepid had one that was CCD compatible with homelink, I would just take out the computer out of that and put it into the console I have and boom, newer style CCD powered overhead console with sunroof switch.

So my real question is, what year did these cars switch over the interface to PCI so I can limit my search to vehicles prior than that.

Thank you so much
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Not sure how the Durangos work when it comes to that but I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the Intrepid. Especially the 2.7.

On an unrelated note my mom had an 02 or 03 Durango SLT with Graphite metallic paint, charcoal cloth, 2nd row climate controls, electronic high and low range 4x4, and the 5.9 magnum. I’d love to get another one someday.
Thanks man, do you know what year the Intrepid switched over to PCI protocols from CCD? The only other way to know is to look at the factory service manual from every year and look for the pin outs on the overhead console and see which one says CCD if any
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For reference
Font Parallel Number Rectangle Receipt

This is my 99 Durango FSM, you see pins 2 and 8 are for CCD bus.

Then there's this
Font Material property Parallel Rectangle Pattern

This is a FSM for an 02 Durango I found online, it's the same connector with the same amount of pins, and some would have to be rearranged but the biggest thing is, there's only 1 PCI wire in pin 5
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