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Hi everybody!
-Hi, Doctor Nick!

allright, now that that's out the way:
Semi-proud owner of a matte wine(?) 1997 Intrepid Sport, with the 3.5L
Everything is stock, with the exception of an aftermarket radio
I reside in Puerto Rico. Purchased the car about two months ago and have officially spent more on repairing the vehicle than I spent on actually purchasing it. I have a sort of affinity towards it, similar to the emotion you have towards a stray dog( you know its in terrible shape but you cant help but gravitate towards it). expect to see me a lot on here as i have more problems with the vehicle than the Haynes manual has solutions for it. I apologize in advance if i rehash any old info on new threads, but i reside in an area with no real internet access, so im forced to resort to my phone to navigate the site. thanx to everyone in advance
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