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I'd like to introduce myself, My name is Kent, I have a 95 3.5l with 75k on it. My wife has the car mainly, and we both love it. It has had it's share of the usual repairs, but luckily not the tranny yet. It needs some repairs now, seems to be minor. I will search the archives first then post for help! Hope to have fun on this list. I also check out the Intrepid groups on Yahoo groups and Yahoo Clubs.
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Welcome to the family :D
The car started running rough, so we took it to the dealer. (Have had great service from them before, no need to change yet.) Plug wire was burned through and arcing. Some plugs were fouled. $192.00 to replace. I know, I know, this is an easy job to do by yourself. Normally I would, but with these new systems how exactly do you tell what needs replacing? My younger years were driving cars from the 60's, where troubleshooting was much easier.
Anyway, they also said I need to replace the water pump and may as well replace the timing belt.
Oh yeah, had the shift interlock housing replaced for $200.00 The keys would get stuck in the ignition.
It has leaking valve cover gaskets, leaking tranny hoses to the cooler, power steering leaks.
Needs rack and pinion bushings, and the lift struts for the hood are shot.
The gaskets, struts and hoses are something I will handle, and I hope the water pump lasts for another month or two until I get the $$$.

Had the tranny fluid changed this summer, filter too, and that got rid of a shudder that occured shifting to high gear at about 40-45 mph. KEEP YOUR FLUID FRESH GUYS!!

All this stuff has been building up for some time , but it really rears it's ugly head now... because WE JUST PAID IT OFF!!

Ain't that the way it always goes??


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My hood lifts are shot too...they are $20 a piece at a dealer.
I'm glad the hood lifts are cheap, easy enough to change too. I'm going to do the valve cover gaskets and tranny cooler lines myself. The water pump/timing belt may be a stretch for me, but I'm going to buy a Chrysler service/shop manual from the dealer and take a look at it. I'm all for saving money so I can spend it on my other love, my airplane!
I'm building a 1933 replica of a Pietenpol. It's a 2 seat open cockpit thats a blast to fly. It ain't fast but that's what I got the Intrepid for! Check out this site. to see an example of what I'm building in my garage.


I would get that water pump and belt fixed first. If it breaks it has a bad habit of takening out the timing belt.
Welcome to the site Kent! I'm sure you will enjoy all the knowlege and troubleshooting....oh yeah, and all the heated debates (haha) available on the site!

i found an easy way to hold the hood up with dead lifts all you have to do is vice grip on side when the hood is lifted it works good till you can go get the new ones.
I like using the ice scraper as a prop to compensate for crappy hood lifts...only good for us snow bound Canadians
oh ...and welcome aboard Kent
did you guys happen to look at the date of the post????


just thought i would let you know
Jesus... i wasnt even born when this was posted.

Bringing threads back from the dead is almost as bad as asking the same question a million times.
HOLY OLD THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well isnt that funny in a funny kinda way
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