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I have installed a grounding kit and a hot earth ground on my trep. It only cost me 34 bucks in all. I bought ten feet of 4 gauge amp cables that are able to withstand heat of 500*F and 25 4 gauge ring terminals. I have replaced most of the old grounds with the new cable and added a few extra. For the hot earth I used a extra stainless hose sleve and added two 4 gauge ring terms and wraped it onto the exhaust and then on where the hangers bolt on. I have recived a smooth idle and the car feels like it has more pep. I'll take some pics soon.

Another that is a work in progress is a car PC. I have the system pretty much ready but I need a DC to DC power supply and need to build a case. I bought off of ebay a 7 inch LCD screen. I wanted to get a motorized one but they cost too much so i'm going to pretty much cut up my dash for the LCD. Heres the system specs for you computer geeks.

Intel Pentium M 740 1.73GHz 533MHz 2MB
1GB of DDR ram
Magnetic Data Technology 80GB 2.5" IDE
Panasonic CW-8124 DVD 8x (external USB) going to be mounted in the dash
PW-200-M, 200w output, 12v input DC-DC Power Supply, optional P4-ATX Cable
Slim 8" VGA / AV 4 : 3 TFT LCD Car PC XGA Monitor
Boss Audio CH650 4 channel amp (need it since im taking out my stereo)

Soon i'll add a GPS and a OBD-II scanner. Sadly I won't have touch screen but it will do until next year when I can afford one.
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