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Here is how to participate and be in the running for the monthly Ride of the Month contest.

**ALL members are eligible to participate! Just write up your own summary of your car as directed below, and send it via private message to Car of the Month!!!

1. The Car of the Month team will put up a thread when submissions are being accepted. This will be on the last 5 days of each month.

2. If you wish to be entered in the running, submit via private message a picture (or pictures, up to 3) and a short summary of your modifications and accomplishments on your car to the Car of the Month Administrator. Be sure to include links in your summary to any signature threads, or modification threads you made for your car. ***Remember, submissions are only accepted during the last 5 days of the month***

3. Your submission will be pooled with all those from other members. After the 5 day submission period expires, a Semi-Final Poll will be posted with the pictures of your car, and your summary of it in the Car of the Month Forum. The poll will be open for 5 days, allowing the membership to vote on the Ride of the Month finalists.

4. The top 3 cars will be taken from the Semi-Final Poll, and a Final voting poll will be put up in the Car of the Month Forum. The membership will be able to vote on this poll for 5 days. The winner of this poll will be Ride of the Month. Their pictures and summary will be displayed on the front page of the site and in the Car of the Month forum as always.

Ride of the Month General Rules:

1. You cannot win the Ride of the Month award twice in the same 12 month period.
2. Only Dodge/Chrysler "LH" series platform vehicles are eligible for the contest.
3. Only one vehicle at a time (if you own more than one LH) can be submitted.
4. If there are only 3 submissions for Ride of the Month, the Semi-Final Poll will be bypassed with just the Final Poll vote.
5. If there are less than 3 submissions, the contest will be cancelled for the month. If it is cancelled twice, it will not return.

The ROTM team will monitor the process carefully to ensure that their is no dishonest behavior occurring. Remember that this is a friendly competition and it is only for fun.

Additionally, no abuse of the ROTM team will be tolerated, This includes unkind rep messages and negative comments in the forums. If there is something that you think is unfair or if you have a suggestion to make please do so in a PM to the team.

Ride of the Month is a contest developed by the staff to enable the membership of the site to recognize fellow members for their achievements. Remember, it is not all about the car, it is about the member as well.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to private message any of the staff members, or send a message to the Car of the Month Administrator.

Thank you and good luck!! :D
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