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New sub

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The Sony developed a tear along with other cosmetic defects, so I returned it. (They gave me $20 more than what I paid!) I went down the street and bought an Infinity Reference 1020W 10" and put it in last years model Q-Logic sealed box (that I had laying around) with a 1" layer of poly for depth. I'll edit this with my observances of the new sub later.

(All Infinty sound system now! Well..except for the sub amp. :rolleyes: )

UPDATE: All I can say is damn. :eek: This is one awesome SQ sub. I like SPL too, but I don't need bone rattling all the time. This sub hits all the notes, WAY better quality than that Sony I had.

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why in the world would you bring up a thread that was from 7/2001 to add that?
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