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New to bd how can i get more power

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I posted on teh 1st gen by accident. How can i get more power cheap or not cheap. I have a 2000 ES with the 3.2 autostick etc. how can i get more power anything out there. Tornado i already have a k&n
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Originally posted by huntersdl:
WE ARE................ MARSHALL!!

Grad Dec 98 Marshall. Western Mich fan good to see you. I wish you had beat Toledo! However , I can see Marshall, Miami Ohio and West Mich being the best in the MAC next year. Toledo loses too many!

Graduated in June 2000 from WMU. I dunno, Toledo usually has a tough program. They may be losing a lot, but I still think they will be strong. I guess we'll find out later this year. :D

Something that bugs me....why is the MAC championship game always played at Marshall??? That just gives Marshall an unfair advantage. :mad:
For the MAC championship game, I think it should either rotate between all the schools yearly, or it should be played at the home of the team with the better record.

As for stadiums, Waldo Stadium (which is Western's home football stadium) uses a new type of turf that is only used in one other stadium in the United States (or was that the world). How's that for being cool?! :D

I wish I remembered the details of that turf, but I do remembering it being sweet as hell. :)

Hey bigdaddy...I may just have to take you up on that offer. :)
Originally posted by bigdaddy:

Is steak Ok? :D

Oh yeah, whats up with that turf? Is it softer or have more grip?
Steak is most ok. :D

I wish I remembered all the details about that turf when I heard about it on the news. If I remember correctly, it was more like natural grass, but required less maintaince, kept longer, better drainage properties, softer and more grip. Damn I wish I remembered the details! :D
Originally posted by bigdaddy:

woooohoooo!!! 100 posts
I wish I had that many. I really need to start to post more!!! :D
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