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ive been seriously thinking (but nothing is written in stone yet) of getting rid of the ol' trep for a brand new vehicle. i have sights set on a 2002 dodge dakota,...price is right and with that 0.0%apr and 7 year warrantee sounds good to me. (i "built" one out on the dodge website, the one i want came out to be $18,775...reg. cab, black on gray, sport pack, 4x2, 4.7l w/ 5 speed, cd, bench, etc...) anyone have any comments about this vehicle? im looking for a new (or used) midsize truck, the intrepid is good for people but for moving musical equipment, mixer consoles,...and people at the same time? i need more space. (and more power, may need to tow vehicles, etc)
also, would it be better to do a straight trade in, or try to sell it. (keep in mind that i saved the orig. exhaust, will put that will be "normal") which is the best financial route? anyway, thanks in advance if anyone has any comments, good or bad, suggestions (or alternatives) on the new Dakota...i want to hear them.

thanks: -Dave
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