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Well I havent found any suitable LH's for sale, so I guess I'll have the truck for a bit longer. Came across a set of wheels on craigslist the other day I really liked.

Did a bit of research and found out they are 20x8.5" Konig Ruggedroad wheels wrapped in 305/50/20 Toyo A/T tires. The rims are in pretty good shape and 3 of the 4 tires have maybe 60% tread, and 1 has a bit less. Depending how long I keep the truck, they'll be replaced with Cooper A/T tires.

Picked them up Friday night, sold the OEM 20's I bought yesterday, and still came out $100 on top.

Should look pretty good:

Compared to my stockers:

These are more my style, A bit less flashy.
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