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Hi, this is my first Intrepid. Its a 97 with the 3.5L. 190k miles on the clock and
i'm giving her more life. I bought this car cheap off my nephew with the idea that I would fix a few things and sell it, make a few bucks. Its hasn't worked out that easy yet.
First the car had a bad (several) oil leak. I was about to take it apart to fix it when I discovered that there was a parasitic drain on the battery. Off to the scrap yard she goes....but wait. I found that the trunk light switch was rusty and stuck. Fixed the drain and went to work on the oil leak. I pulled the radiator and removed the timing components. Out came the old seals and in went new. Replacing seals, that was a first for me.
I reset the timing, installed a new/used crank pulley and fired her up. She ran and drove great and died on the side of the road. help
Now I feel that I've done too much work to it to just junk it. Now I have to get some money out of this thing.
This car came from a broke college kid, that was never taught about cars and maintenance. It shows. The crank pulley was wobbling, oil was leaking from the timing cover, and is still leaking from the valve covers. Tranny fluid was leaking from the hose at the cooler and she has done battle with a fence and a deer...enjoy!
I've learned way more than I've intended about this car. has been an excellent resource.

I tried the key dance last night and nothing happened. Not sure if I did it correctly or there just isnt any codes. :/
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